jenniferjgibson (@jenniferjgibson)

Cooking class tonight featured live lobsters. Brutal. I’ve long thought it’s important to teach kids about the origins of what they eat, but killing you own dinner is a tough lesson in respecting what you eat... thank you for the meat Mrs lobster. @fairmontthepalm #timetobebrave #learningnewthings

ofsatinandgoldandallthingsbold (@ofsatinandgoldandallthingsbold)

~ Disclaimer: Everything written underneath is TRUE and NOT a word of fiction. Please read at your own risk. ~

Molested at 5.
Harassed at 15.
Raped at 18.
Harassed at work only to be told to shutup or lose the job.
Harassed many times just while walking down the road
In an abusive relationship at 24.
Catcalled and had my boobs and ass touched -
on the road by bikers,
in the club by random dudes,
in the bus/metro,
stared down by innumerable taxi and rickshaw drivers.
And not just this,
There are countless more.
These are just the tip of the iceberg,
And honestly,
I don’t want to remember the rest.
I rather not.
I’ve been unable to sleep
It feels like someone’s strangulating me mentally
Suffocating me
My voice
And all that I am.
I know how I’ve come through it
How I’ve faced the fears
Cried through the nightmares.
It’s high time we stop blaming the victim.
I’ve stayed quiet for far too long, not now.
Not anymore.
If it has happened to you, please speak up.

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Melissa Quinn 💋 (@wildfire_angel_904)

Always go where the love is!!! There’s a reason why everything happens the way it does. Everything that you’ve been through has brought you to this exact place in your life. This exact crossroad. #always #alwaysandforever #gowheretheloveis #gowhereyourhearttakesyou #theresareasonforeverything #timetobebrave #timetobehappy #truelove #inlove #love #lovequotes #truth #truthsometimeshurts #bebrave #brave #courage #truthbetold #instagram #instagood #instalove #instatruth 💯💯💯✌🏼🌹💪🏼❤️

Laura Paskell-Brown (@doulaforyoursoul)

No choice: The Void/Rainbow Tribe 🌑🌌🌈
Sometimes we don't say things because we're worried they will hurt the ones we love. Sometimes we don't say them because we're scared that we'll be seen as crazy, or that everything will fall apart. These days when I write, when I speak, and when I live my life, I tend to risk all of those things. And's no risk at all. What I've been risking all my life is far greater.
There was a time when I thought that words and ideas would change me and change the world. And then I realized that I was the world, and somehow everything was different... What am I saying? I don't know. Ahhh, I don't have the words...I've had pregnancy brain for the last few months. I'm not pregnant with a baby - not a human one with legs and arms anyway - but pregnant with something. Something that came to me through holding hands with the Divine Masculine and stepping into the Unknown, into that space in between stories where everything is confusing and exciting and new.
I'm not writing these words today, I'm speaking them into my phone (I'll type it up later) because for some reason my fingers don't want to be on the keyboard. They want to touch rock and earth and to feel the wind running through them. So I suppose my body is writing this...That doesn't make any sense...well, none of this makes any sense. That's why it's coming through - because it doesn't make any sense - and any time I try to make sense I just make a bigger mess of things.
How did I get here? I don't think I was one of those people who had mystical experiences as a child, I'm not that exciting. In fact, when I look back on it I can't remember most of my childhood, as if I was numb. I think my body was numb, maybe it wasn't at the beginning but it became numb with facts and reason and things that took me away from HER. And now, as I sit watching the sun go down and the ripples on the lake, feeling the wind in my hair, I know I am loved. I know it, not as a fact but as a feeling. I'm not numb anymore.
These days the silences hold as much truth as the words do. Maybe more. That moment when my hands touch my body or someone else's. (Continued in comments below...)

Bernadette Acevedo (@bernadette_victoria1231)

It’s time to disconnect for some soul searching, you deserve the best from us when you enter this world. 😘💚✌🏼🙏🏼 #timetobehappy #timetobebrave #timetoheal #bieleckibaby

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It's a #thieves and #enrgee kinda day. Got some big things happening today and need to be on my A-game! .
#younglivingessentialoils #yleo #essentialoils #energy #immuneboost #positivevibes #positivity #yougogirl #yougotthis #timetobebrave

Lissa Curtis (@bebravelissa)

Asking for prayer as today i am getting deposed 🙏🏽Devastatingly, only one other woman in my state has made it this far in this grueling process.
Today I will tell my truth. Today my truth will defend me. My truth is powerful, and I will not let my story be skewed into anything it is not. #timetobebrave #bebrave #truth

Holly Roberds (@hroberds)

Going to Heart of Denver's Romance Writers mini con today. It's my first Romance con 😮 Why does every con I go to feel like the first day of school? I should have laid out my clothes last night, what if I can't find the right rooms, and I sure hope people will like me!!! Every. Time. #nervousnellers #vandammeface #whereismybrownbaglunch #timetobebrave #writerlife

Heather Wagner (@heatherzwagner)

The divine timing of the universe. Upon arriving home from the midwife (where I'm told I coughed so hard I broke my water last night and will have to be induced tonight if baby still doesn't come on her own), I find this necklace I ordered weeks ago in the mailbox. #bebrave #hurricaneirmarelief #katherinestuartdesign #timetobebrave #hospitalboundtonight #babytime #10daysoverdue #guessitwasabouttime

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It's surgery day 😓 BUT I have my Supergirl socks on and that means everything's going to be okay. #SuperHeroSocks #Supergirl #SurgeryDay #TimeToBeBrave