We Ain't No Hippies (@weaintnohippies)

We're leaving Devon today to slowly make our way to Dover!

Tiny House Giveaway (@tinyhousegiveaway)

Um.... can we talk about this kitchen? We heard your cry. You said you wanted a large stove, so we did exactly what you asked of us. We gave you a stove. We also upgraded the shelving set up in this build. Guys this is probably one of our favorite kitchens we have built. And the best part is it’s going home with one of you. Less than two weeks before the drawing. Get you entries today. Styled by @aprilpreston Photos by @indieefox

Casa Minúscula (@casaminuscula)

"Vista do quarto debaixo da Tiny Home Pacific Harmony! " 📸 @handcraftedmovement

SharkbobBearpants (@sharkbobbearpants)

I reeeeeaaaally need to clean Sharkbob’s windows, but even with the streaks the #French #Italian alps are absolutely stunning ❤️❄️🏔️

Living Tiny Project (@livingtinyproject)

“Another view of our kitchen. If you haven’t already checked out our blog post on The Essentials of our Minimalist Kitchen go check it out. trebventure.com “
Courtesy by @trebventure

Helen Lorraine (@xxsavagefangxx)

Dunno why these aren't as cleaned up here on Instagram but oh well. Should I reupload these with a watermark on them? I probably will. #architecture #tinyhouse #sectioncut #elevations

Helen Lorraine (@xxsavagefangxx)

Apparently I can only upload 1of these at a time from drop box so that's nice. This was my final project last semester. #architecture #tinyhouse #doarch

idealista Italia (@idealistait)

L'impresa slovena Ecocapsule ha prodotto la prima casa a forma di uovo... con questa casa-capsula è possibile vivere in qualsiasi parte del mondo

#photooftheday #ecocapsule #architecture #archilovers #design #tinyhouse #casacapsula #whereeveryouwant

Dorus Rijkers (@ecobuildibiza)

Scaffold up. Ready to put the roof on as soon as we get a dry spell. #ecowagon #pallets #ibiza #tinyhouse #eco #building #upcycle

Sarah Moore (@urbanearthmom)

I love seeing this tiny house movement growing as more people choose to step away from ‘normal’ and embrace their dreams to create a life that fits them better. But I’ve also seen a small group of people judging and deciding that one version of tiny is better than another. When I transitioned to a whole food plant based lifestyle there was a group there too who loved to point out how others were failing in their journey to a better diet. And don’t get me started on the folks who love to point out where parents are failing. My mantra has always been “progress not perfection”. So whatever version of tiny you strive for and whatever your reasons they are good enough.