Lara 😺 (@princesalarafelina)

Ajudando meus pais a arrumar um quadro 💜

Le Gros Fromage (Big Cheese) 🧀 (@tiny_cheese)

(Meowmy speaking) ❤️🙀 Oh my pawsies, we have had a crazy few days but, everybody is OK now!
On Sunday afternoon, Miss Martha had a "seizure" like event that I saw & scared the poo out of me! She startled awake, big eyes & started trembling. She went really stiff & rolled long-ways to her back & then to her belly again & stayed stiff & trembling. We took her to the emergency vet & they kept her overnight. She didn't have ANY issues there & her blood work came back 100% normal. They don't think it was a true seizure cause she was alert the whole time. We think it may have been a big muscle cramp of even a pinched nerve. She's 15, so who knows what is starting to act up in her old bones.
She's back at home now & other than giving us a scare & smelling like the vet, we are good for now!
The third picture is our attempt at making everybody calm down, but only Tiny Cheese used the 'nip zone!
#vet #oldlady

Kelsey (@livingthecatladylife)

That's 32lbs of cat in one carrier (even though I have two) because this pair of BFFs wanted to comfort each other after their visit to the vet 😹😻😽. #todayincathistory #bffs #catstagram #sillycats #catsofinstagram #furbabies

Roscoe and Queenie (@roscoeandqueenie)

Roscoe says: Look what was in the box! It was a new cat tree for outside! Thanks, Dad, we love it! We also have the box too, so we got two presents. #Yay #SoLucky #Presents

Gertrude Melba+Phyllis Theresa (@gertrudeandphyllis)

Only Tuesday?! Draw the curtains, please and thank you.

Mr Grey & Little Blackie 😻😻🇮🇪 (@lweymes)

#tabbytuesday Today I’ll be mostly sleeping. Much the same as every other day really 😹💤💤

Rain Ng (@rainrainng)

Pls use one word/sentence to describe this boi🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️😆

Danny Giron (@groovybikerdanny)

Katana is enjoying some tuna!

Roscoe and Queenie (@roscoeandqueenie)

Roscoe says: Mum got me this fish toy and I actually played with it! Apparently old cats can learn new tricks, even if old dogs can’t! #NewTricks #ShinyFish #TwoDollarsWellSpent

Ҡ Ɛ Ī S Ĥ (@randommixofnuts)

Someone’s got a new toy😽