The World According To Merlin (@merlin_the_exotic)

These patches are 😎! Proud to be 'The Enforcer' for the Pussy Posse
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PUSSY POSSE's first logo patch design titled "Flame Edition" is set to debut soon. (80) Velcro backed, and (80) heat seal iron on backing are being produced. The line will start with patches, and will hopefully branch out to pins, t-shirts, and possibly its very own line of very HIGH potency cat nip. The website is where the brands merchandise will made available starting with the first patch. Along with patch drops occurring within a couple of Facebook patch forums will occur. A Facebook group "PUSSY POSSE (Cat Posse) has been created, and will be allowing members to join soon. The POSSE includes our seven cats @harleyspringercvo , and seven Instagram cats have accepted an invitation to join as well. The fellow POSSE members Instagram accounts are as follows: @derthecat @heyseymour @lola_theexotic_showgirl @lordpizzasmoosh @meowing_mick @merlin_the_exotic @nachocrumb
Please stay tuned for more updates on the exact date, and times of the very first patch release.
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The World According To Merlin (@merlin_the_exotic)

Part 2 of the Sassy Lola Production. I'm packing my bags and moving to Catlandia!! Awesome job @lola_theexotic_showgirl ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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This is Meowmie's wallpaper on her phone. 📱 #tuesdaylove #tuesdaycutie

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When you're cute from every angle...❤️😸 #bodypositivity ❤️ #JTCatsby ❤️

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When my Ma comes home and tries to wake me up. "Where am I?" 💤

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"How shall I proceed?"