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Happy National One Hit Wonder day!
Do you have a favorite one hit wonder band or song? I'm partial to the Bodeans song Closer to Free. They are from Wisconsin and I loved the show Party of Five and this song was the theme song.

Phoenix Rising healing Centre (@phoenixrisinghc)

#Intuition101 WOW! What a powerful class!! It an honour to teach this class this past weekend. It was evident that everyone was in a place of Readiness. Ready to receive. Miracles happened this weekend. Life changing healings occurred. Powerful meditations, the presence of Lord Buddha and the Emerald green light was so brilliant it was visceral. We all received healing. The LIGHT. Was so present and got more powerful as the weekend continued as you can see in this photo. The sun had gone around to the other side of the house and this came beaming in. It may have been a reflection from somewhere but it was oh so representative of what was happening. As one of the students commented as she was leaving "I'll never see the world again in the same way!" ๐Ÿ™

T.W.DAWSON (@xtraordinaryone)

There is a wisdom that man possess that proves that we can ascend to higher levels of thought to receive power when we are tuned to the infinite. #twdawsonspeaks #twdawson #suitedup #ferragamobelt #demigod#livefreeordie #alwaysbusiness #atl#nycity #yaleuniversity #newhaven#abundance #masterpiece #ascendedmasters #masterteacher

gen townsend (@divergen.t.hinking)

Our unresolved feeling can impact elsewhere. We can't control thoughts and feelings, but we can be #curious and uncover our inner patterns. #todaysthought

Lately if I'm feeling a bit below average, I'm trying to better understand where the emotion came from. Normally I might ignore or subconsciously transfer emotion to something else. But here (while in Fiji) I am especially lucky to have time to slow down.

Realising and #accepting what has made me angry or sad can be really challenging. I don't like to feel sad, and sometimes I feel guilty if I do!
But I think that if we are real with our reaction, we can begin to a draw out new patterns ๐Ÿ’œโค๏ธ๐Ÿ’œโค๏ธ

dharmagram (@dharmagrams)

Presenting a world where there is no healthcare or painkillers. You live in a small tribe where new people are rare and dangerous. Police are non existent. Food is scarce. You live amongst wild animals to which your meek physique is no match. This is the world where our cortex developed and unfortunately itโ€™s where that part of the brain still lives. Itโ€™s trapped in a world from 200,000 years ago.
Nowadays most of us are lucky enough not to worry about such scenarios, but our troublesome brains still appear to be flooded with anxiety. Our brains, which were born in such a rough place, havenโ€™t yet evolved to be happy, theyโ€™ve evolved to survive. The cortex has evolved to analyze the past and examine the future. To remember past pleasure and pain and figure out how to maximize future pleasure and minimize future pain.
If one of our friends from 200,000 years ago was wondering through the bush and spotted a large beige shape, they had one of two mistakes to make. The first mistake would be to think that itโ€™s a lion when itโ€™s actually just a rock; needless anxiety. The second mistake would be to think itโ€™s just a rock when itโ€™s actually a lion; imminent death.
Our brains have evolved to make the first mistake thousands of times to avoid making the second mistake even once. We are the descendants of the most anxious and stressed groups; because they anticipated trouble and therefore survived.
Itโ€™s useful be be aware of this negativity bias, in which we always expect the worst. .
Through Mindfulness practices we can elevate this suffering from anxiety and retrain the brain not to respond the way itโ€™s hardwired to. We learn a little bit more about not โ€˜sweating the small stuffโ€™, worrying less, and enjoying more of this beautiful life!
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