Elissa Guidos (@elissa_guidos)

Enjoying our last morning ☀️together for awhile. It's been a day trying to get the mister packed up and ready for an overseas trip (what?!?) ✈️ and preparing for company. I'm glad we put off working out for a bit to just be. Together. One of my favorite things ❤️.

Amanda G. (@theeamandamarie)

"Why does cooking take like 6 hours, and eating takes 30 seconds, and washing dishes takes like 7 days and 6 nights?!" 🤔😂😊 But alas...amazing steak and ranch potatoes! After a day with a gnarly headache, I will happily take this!
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Art Kit & Storytime, Delivered (@kidartlit)

Inside every KidArtLit box, we carefully pack a curated selection of art experiences that act as bridges to a beautiful book. 🎨📚🌿
We love seeing kids work through the experiences on their own or side by side with parents, friends, or family. 🎨📚🌿
We love that our boxes give you the chance to slow down, step away from your phone (except to take pictures of course!😉🤣), and dive into deeply meaningful time together that highlights curiosity, expands understanding, and sets the foundation for a life of creative learning. 🎨📚🌿
Thank you @artful_play for giving us a #sneakpeek into your most recent KidArtLit jam session. 📚🎨🌿
We dove into our July @kidartlit box today and it was so good 😍 Fossil making, paint mixing, nonfiction reading, and we're not even close to being done! #kidartlit #kidartlitkids #processart

Callie Domingues (@mamascoffeeshop)

My honey took me out on a motorcycle ride yesterday. Up one side of Cheaha Mountain in Alabama and then back down again. We had a blast. The scenery was gorgeous, the ride was exhilarating, the time together was so sweet.
My kiddos are finally getting old enough that their daddy and I can do some fun things together once in a while.
Love this man and all of the amazing things he does for me and our family.
Looking forward to our next ride together. Where he goes I'll always follow and be a tag-a-long. ❤️


С таким событием невозможно не поделиться⭐️
Это китайские клубыыыыы
Здесь представлены наши 💫походы , с вечно-безумной компанией💃
Боже, китайские клубы это-💣 Музыка, народ, атмосфера🔥
Сегодня наткнулась на песни из клубов, ставила постоянно на повтор 😅и решила наконец ВСЁ повыкладывать💁🏼
#chinaclubs#🍹#togethertime #cago#willgothereagainforsure#

Lesley Evers (@lesleyevers)

My sister is visiting! So happy that she's in town. Must admit I boss her around and in this case made her put on this red dress and pose for this photo. Ok, the bunny ears are so high it just looks like a peace sign. What was I thinking?
Both of our dresses just arrived from the factory. They are in stores but not yet online.