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"My butt is shrinking from working out so I stopped" if that's what your thinking or have ever said and done I want you to read below.
You can grow your booty but you need to train correctly, at the right intensity and it's not gonna grow if your eating 3 meals and one of them is a salad. You need to be on a proper diet for your goals. Muscle is muscle there isn't a booty building diet lol you eat to grow. Same way men want a bigger chest I want a bigger booty. Muscle is muscle ladies.
I hear a lot of "I'm training but I stopped because my butt was getting smaller" my response is WHY did you quit it was working. You have to shift the ratio of muscle mass to fat tissue in your buttocks area. If you have a fat ass, literally, then shed the fat and expose your shapely musculature. You can not mold fat but you can mold muscle. Your booty may get smaller because your shedding fat now replace and add with muscle.
✅ There are three main muscles that comprise your butt you should try and hit all 3 to get it high, round and thick. The muscles are
gluteus maximus
gluteus medius
gluteus minimus
Only doing squats may not be effective you need to create a workout specifically for glutes hitting all 3 muscles. Make sure your getting sore and take the correct supplements to repair and rebuild. I suggest Rebuild Strength from the link in my store just search "Rebuild Strength" it has glutamine and BCAA's in it as well as protein.
✅ Here is a list of some exercises to try:
Barbell, dumbbell, and machine squat
Single and double-leg leg press on devices that allow for full thigh extension
Barbell, dumbbell, and machine lunge
Barbell or dumbbell one-leg split squat
Stiff-leg and Romanian dead lift
Glute/hamstring raise
Glute presses like butt blaster
Multi-hip machine thigh extension
Seated hip abduction machine
Multi-hip machine thigh abduction
Low pulley thigh abduction

Don't make excuses I'm a mother of 4 in my 30's with #hypothyroidism and I put the work in. Make it happen skip the excuses. Good Luck!! You can do it! My butt is shrinking at the moment too, you'll notice it in my workout video I'm posting next but I know

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Rainy evening makes for the perfect time to pick out wardrobe for a new shoot I'm doing next week. And I might be a little happy with myself. I'll be 34 this year and I'm in better shape than I was in my 20's. #fitness #fitnessmodel #fit #thirtiesarethenewtwenties #toned #tonedbody #pilates #yoga #spinclass