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Everything in this world is temporary: health, the weather, our feelings, even the people we love--they are not here to stay permanently. They will leave us at some point; while some stay for as long as they can, but yes, they will eventually go away.
People are there and then they're gone.
But maybe, with that brief moment, we can make them feel valued. That even if we know they won't be there for us forever, we are thankful they were once part of our lives: been our inspiration, and our strength. It's okay to lose people. It's okay to say good bye. It's the law of nature, and no one is exempted.
That's the circle of life. It's a process, as if death is an art that not everyone would appreciate.
When it comes to someone you love, like a family member, you don't move on, you carry on, and that big hole that they used to fill in, will be there forever, unoccupied, and cannot be filled in again.
To my friend, @ph.juniel ,your Lola Floring is in a better place right now with the people that she missed the most.
#BeStrongMyFriend know that my prayers are with you, and your family.

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"Weeds are flowers too, once you get to know them." - A. A. Milne 💜 #qotd

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Em um ponto ou outro a sua vida vai mudar. Deus não te fez com a intenção de que você permanecesse parado no mesmo lugar. Ele fez você para vê-lo crescer e atingir novos níveis. Por isso, não encare a mudança como algo negativo e nem considere-se esquecido ou abandonado por Deus. Se você mantiver o ânimo e continuar dando o seu melhor, Deus usará essa mudança, ou aquilo que você considera hoje um retrocesso, para te elevar e levar a um lugar bem melhor.
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[rosso fragola]
-colazioni speciali con la crostata di mamma-