Lupe and Dodger (@lupeanddodger)

Keep it cool Dodger, keep it cool... 😱

c a s h (@cashtheminiaussie)

Get my good side, mum.

A blue merle mix (@marvelsofmisty)

Does your dog believe that they own everything they see? Misty does she is a very big resource
guarder unfortunately.
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Chaga The Basenji (@chagathegooddog)

Great day at the dog park today! 😄

Trev Nash (@adventures_of_trev)

Apparently hoomans says there was an earthquake (but dey didn’t feels it) I has no idea what it is but it sounded fun! 🤔😂 any welsh fwends feel da shakes?!

Portland, Oregon (@bundle_of_bliss)

Forced to choose between these two sweethearts. ❤️❤️ For the past 4 years I’ve gone to the Oregon coast during this weekend and the house we rent only allows us to bring 1 dog. (😢) It’s so hard to choose which fur baby to bring but it always ends up being Finn because he’s a HUGE snuggle bug and he doesn’t care if we walk on the beach or not. Sorry Friday! We love you but don’t love walking in the rain and wind! #ilovethemboth

Lambeau and Ollie (@lambeau_and_ollie_aussies)

Not pictured: the tennis ball about to be thrown for the 100th time 🎾

Lambeau and Ollie (@lambeau_and_ollie_aussies)

It’s finally warming up! Enjoying some fun outside time in the backyard.