Vegan Mike (@veganmike)

Cookie loves catching his ball!

Vegan Mike (@veganmike)

Caught max with his long tongue out. 😛

Vegan Mike (@veganmike)

❤️ my Mom.she cooks me 🌱delicious vegan food! 😊

Vegan Mike (@veganmike)

More of moms homemade delicious vegan dish! ❤️🌱

Erich D'Atri (@erich.360)

🌽 or 🥕which is better?

Friends, not food❤️🐖🐮🐥🐓❤️ (@peacefullyolivia)

🌱salted pb, sweet potato & avo on toast...soo delicious🌱 Anywayyys rant/topic #1 here goes... if you cannot bare to watch footage of your "food" being produced..if it makes you cry, squeal or cover your eyes, should you really be eating it? I know many people who identify as "animal lovers" yet eat animals. These people epitomize cognitive dissonance; their actions do NOT align with their beliefs. Most people would agree that unnecessary animal cruelty is wrong, yet they literally pay others to kill and torture animals for them. The reality of slaughter houses is horrific, NOTHING HUMANE HAPPENS IN A SLAUGHTER HOUSE. Meat is violent. There's no way of getting around that. The reality is that we DO NOT NEED animal products to survive or thrive, therefore their suffering is completely unnecessary. If you love dogs, everyone knows you would not eat a dog, if you love cats you would never eat a cat, if you love horses you would never eat a horse... So why, if you "love" animals, would you ever pay others to kill and torture them for you? Could you look the animal in the eye and slaughter them yourself? I don't believe so. Animals products are cruel. Unless you have a seriously warped definition of what it means to be kind, this is a fact. Veganism is compassion. Go vegan🌸🌱✨
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allTRUEist (@alltrueist_btq)

The cutest gift set everrr! Get all 4 BKIND mini hand balms in a gorgeous gift box for $25 CAD - Includes Tropical, Floral, Citrus & Forest balms - available for immediate shipping at
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ChooseLifeFoods (@chooselife_foods)

Whether you hail from Jamaica, St. Lucia or Trinidad & Tobago, there is no Caribbbean holiday season without Sorrel Drink! Infused with spices and ginger, it's rich crimson colour comes from the Hibiscus flower. HoHoHo🎅🏿 #caribbeanchristmas #veganchristmas
Thank you to all who participated in our Toronto @veganwintermarket contest via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. After a random draw, the winner is @wanderingbay Congratulations! 🎉🙌🏾

Tacorrito (@tacorritocanada)

How can you tell if someone is vegetarian? Their Tacorrito tacos get free guac. 🍠🌽🍅🍆😍

LOG + LEX (@lavenderandlavish)

what better treat for an old bakery reunion than a remake of the classic that brought us all together in the first place? feeling forever thankful for the time i spent helping customers & baking away at @bunner bake shop, but more importantly im happy for all the rad pals i met along the way 💞 (sorry x10 but i cant share this recipe with ya, you’ll just have to swing by the bakery & try a batch for yourself).

CULCHERD (@culcherd)

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Crystal Sakura Whitred (@mouse_the_mouse)

Pumpkin spice cream filled donut🎃🍩

GOOD Grains Canada (@goodgrainscanada)

Tucking into a bowl of #GOODGrains' #sundriedtomatoalfredo-sauced shell pasta with added sauteed mushrooms for dins...all I had to do was pour this #tasty #vegan #dairyfree #glutenfree sauce over the hot pasta--talk about easy! We'll have a wide array of #Jars2GO available this week to make meal time easy for you, too. Come on by and pick your favourite!

#comfortfood #creamy #homemade #realveganfoodfast #unprocessed #lovemyownhealthyfood #convenient #quickserve #takehomemeals #the6ix #torontovegan #goodgrainscanada @goodgrainscanada

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Who wants to score 2 free tickets to next weekends @veganwintermarket?! 🌱❄️ .

All you have to do is: ➡️ Follow Me
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Winner will be drawn Wednesday and emailed the tickets! 🙌🏻
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Vegantwinmommy (@vegantwinmommy)

Twin A and I were craving Channa Masala so naturally we came to The Host! 😋