Ruth Eve (@the_green_corner)

• weekend could not have come faster • this week has been a lil reminder to always find what you're grateful for in every situation, even the really small, annoying ones. I've found myself too tired to go to the gym and subsequently having to get the 8.30 Northern Line (pure hell), but I'm grateful for the woman who turned to me and bonded with me over our shared tortuous experience. I'm grateful for the woman who stopped me and complimented my jumper, and who I helped pick out a jacket in a shop. I'm grateful for the fact that I'm surrounded by good people even when things aren't going the way I want them to. Literally just focussing on one tiny thing can make the world of difference. And this morning I'm grateful for the much needed coffee that will help me haul myself to the gym for the endorphins I've been missing 💪🏻💪🏻 life is tough gals, but so are you 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

Sue (@soozie__)

세상에 이게 얼마만이야?! 🙌🏻💕

Emma Louise (@emma.lou91)

I might be over sensitive, care too much, be too nice and be more understanding than I probably should be, but that’s me. I’m NEVER going to change💕
I’d rather feel something by caring than pretend to feel nothing at all. I couldn’t pretend to be heartless and give no fucks about anything or anyone, that’s just not me.
I’m a human being after all💕
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marissa (@marissa_ann_huber)


So just in case you don't know me, this is a little insight :) Some say I live in La/La land, but I'd rather be here doing what fulfills my heart and soul then living for what society has named as acceptable. Live your life however you feel! One career and drive to be the best! All the power to you! Want to change your job every few years? Good! Be passionate! If you want to buy that house do it! Stability is good for some! If you don't, don't! Enjoy the movement! Want to get married? That's great! Don't? That's ok too! We don't all have to have kids, you can be a great Aunt or Uncle or influence on the kids of your friends! Being true to you is more important than anything else! 🕉️☮️💟

Miss Tiffany Tynes (@miss_tiffyt)

I’ve had an audition for the same tv show 3 times for different roles and still didn’t book the job. Normally, I’d be sad wondering “what’s wrong with me? Was it my hair? My makeup? Too Nice? Not skinny enough?” and I would totally beat myself up over it. Now, I consider it a blessing. It just doesn’t matter. If anything, the people auditioning me and judging me simply assisted me in preparing for what’s much bigger to come. You have to learn to just not care. Because it really doesn’t matter. Would have been a dope gig, however, looking at the big picture, when I’m accepting an award one day, those people in those rooms will remember that time this little blasian 5’3 young lady graced their presence. 👸🏽 Here’s to a Fabulous Friday. Remember: It Just Doesn’t Matter!
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K A Y C E E 🦋 G. (@kcxprincess)

While getting a lil’ souvenir by @cz_tattoo from last night’s awesome Opening Party! 🖤 Check her out! 👍🏼
Congratulations @maisonclosebkk!!

DM me if you’re interested about the other artists who’s done my other tattoos. 😊 #gambatte
. . .
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