Ian (@ignoblin)

"Covenant (or the P.O.O.L and the Space Beast!)"
I watched Alien Covenant last night and it kept me thinking until the wee hours. I won't spoil things but it left me with more questions than answers. I liked Prometheus, it was slow but I loved the solid background introduction of the engineers and just the simple thought that the creators of humanity were so upset by what they saw that they thought it best to wipe us out. It showed us but left the motives up to our imaginations. It followed a very close plot algorithm to Alien. I felt a little drawn in to the crew. It left me with hope for the journey of a woman and an android seeking to confront our creators. Covenant had much better pacing but it felt like yet again we return to the exact same plot algorithm with different faces. I had trouble caring about this crew but maybe it was just me being more jaded these days. The action and visuals were great but my hope was gone. I didn't particularly like the few answers I was given and it made the questions far more troubling to me. To sum it up, I liked the movie but I found myself wanting something much different than Prometheus and Alien and instead it seemed par for course. Meanwhile Deadpool came across this egg when I left him master of the household tonight. He thought he would do the motherly thing and sit on it till it hatches. Food for thought, if Deadpool was injected by a Face-Hugger, he'd be the first host to ever survive the 'chest bursting' of one of these creatures. Also since the Xenomorph takes on the traits of the host, you'd have an insane Xenomorph with a healing ability, acidic blood and ability to break the fourth wall and learn from the mistakes of other Xenomorphs depicted in movies. Deadpool would likely be a very happy mommy until he realized the threat Aliens pose to authentic Mexican cuisine. If you want the absolute best Superhero/Alien mashup toy story going, please visit my friend @lights_camera_tentacles and see the excellence that is his photography accompanied storytelling. Good day!
- IGnoblin

Karlo Sun (@k01001100)

The Handmaid's Tale, Lego version. Since the show was filmed in & around Toronto, I recreated scenes on location 😀 @handmaidsonhulu


Some work on the cargo bay. Also, I had my wisdom teeth pulled today so not much is getting accomplished on the MOC at the moment (this pic is from a couple days ago).

~Alacha~ (@_.kurohime._)

Here we see the Eumeta japonica, a genus of the Bagworm Moth. Although they are normally not predators, this one seems to just have finished off its prey. How frightening.