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Sunday was my first day crack climbing and it will definitely not be the last. Can’t wait to get out there again! Here’s my buddy Austin getting a prime placement on Fear of Flying-5.10

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It’s worth going to Cologne just to get a glimpse of its monolithic landmark - the Cathedral. It literally made me gasp when I first saw it, it is just astonishing. Gothic architecture at its best. I tried getting an unusual perspective with this shot. ————————————————
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It's been raining non-stop for the past few days and all I can think about is being in the water. Hope the storm goes away soon. 😪💤

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Do u think there is a tricolor in this pic ? I think so may be... I believe our flag is more than just cloth and ink....It is a universally recognized symbol that stands for liberty and freedom... It is the history of our nation...and it’s marked by the blood of those who died defending it...
Jai hind .
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Ring the bells that still can ring
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything
That’s how the light gets in.
#trampslife 🤘🏽
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Our time in Sri Lanka is already over after nearly three weeks exploring this gorgeous island, and we've had to sadly bid our chariot goodbye. The #tuktuktournament has been nothing short of a dream. From roadside dancing, to 9-tuk-deep-convoys cruising through the hills, to the awesome people that we have met, I have honestly loved it all. I didn't really know what to expect but the crew at @tuktukrental have outdone themselves. So much organisation has obviously gone in to making the whole event run like clockwork, all while allowing us complete freedom to choose our route around Sri Lanka. We'll see you next year guys!
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What doesn’t kill you makes you a badass bitch.

Camilla 🥀 (@girloftheorientsea)

We’ve got one life to waste.

Camilla 🥀 (@girloftheorientsea)

I just hit rock bottom, and I’ve got nothing to do but celebrate the fact that I am surviving this... and that I can survive this. Boy, I’m fucking unbreakable.

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Sunrise lighting up ancient mosaics
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Sunrise walks bring out a different side to a place.
I really needed to see the quiet beauty of Istanbul. Having been in the city for a months, I have been struggling with the sheer size and the crowds. I find it overwhelming. It’s no secret that I’m not much of a big city person. I love cities for a short while and then I crave nature. I find it difficult to be surrounded by too many people. I need solitude, or at least easy access to it and the quiet.
This mornings prettiness reminded me of a chance encounter with a Greek lady who told me she adores Istanbul. She said: Istanbul is in a league of its own. Look at its history. It is one of the oldest cities in the world (historians estimate it to be around 7000years old). It is the only city built on two continents. But it is neither Europe nor Asia. It is a melting pot of cultures, a place of trade, ancient dwellings and a modern metropolis. It is a place that unites opposites. It is a place that steals a little piece of every visitors heart. When you fall in love with this city you are marked for life”
I agree with her. Today. It is unique. It is beautiful. I am in awe of its uniqueness and history. I am planning to go explore some more if it today.

But truthfully I think I may been marked by Cape Town... #nomadsdwellings

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Chasing the Blue Flame.

Disclaimer: It’s a long one.

Touched down at Juanda Int’l Airport (Surabaya, Indonesia) past ‪9am‬, collected our bags & by ‪9:45am‬ we were on our way to Banyuwangi, East Java. This was the start of our 8-hour long road trip last August.

Fast forward ⏭️
Reached the hotel by ‪6:30pm‬, had dinner, and lights were off latest 9:30pm. We checked out after midnight and drove 90mins to the base camp/ starting point.

Started our trek around ‪2am‬ and temp was 9-11 C. The trail was challenging. It was steep & mostly uphill. This was tough.

Reached the crater rim around ‪4am‬. It was still dark and the area was packed! Some groups sat along the sides, others crammed at the viewing deck, while most visitors hurried down to the mining area to see the “action”. Judging from the human traffic, it would take an hour at least to reach the base. Safety was a concern too - people rushed to the base of the crater while others rushed back up for sunrise (top of crater). Do it at your own risk kinda pace.

Decided not to join this mad dash and just stayed nearby; luckily found a good spot. From where we stood the entire mining area was shrouded in thick smoke (sulfur dioxide). And there it was - a faint of blue appeared randomly in different areas. It’s something that looked out of this world... mysterious & beautiful. This blue flame can only be seen after dark (& until sunrise). I heard that some days the blue flame covers a much bigger area than this.

Here’s the science part: when sulfuric gas escapes from cracks in a volcano at high pressure and comes in contact with air, a blue flame appears (reaching up to 16ft high in the air) during the combustion process.

👰🏻 agreed that the 8-hour long drive and endless uphill trek were worth all the effort in exchange for this 🙌🏼

Viserion was not there, we checked 🐲

T H E R E S E B A S E 🌞 (@theresebasssea)

I've been in a dark place before, more times than I can count. When this happens, we question why. And when we teach ourselves to find the light, we become living testaments to others. It will get better. Please dont doubt your inner strength. You are enough. #kawasan Philippines, you are beautiful even in the rainiest times. 📷@ainokea_920

Dan King (@heydanking)

Missing her while in Europe and remembering that walk in the snow ❄️