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C'est la grote souterraines dans la qu'elle on a été se baigner avec mon cousin une belle expérience de vie #grote #nature #experiencedevie #voyage #travel #beautifullife❤️ #beautiful #beautifulworld #beauternaturel #travelbloger #republique #natural #monde #merveilleuxvoyage

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Iconic London bus

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Quilabamba is full of wonderful life.

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At January 2016 while waiting for the agency to be opened so we could pick up the keys from our apartment, we stood on the white sand of winter beach of the city of Cabourg. My eyes have been dazzled either from the bright Norman sun, or by the coloring of quaint dachas of French aristocrats. The cold wind finally disarranged already unruly hair. I looked at the Channel, how the surf with each wave took away the snow-white patches of the beach that were captured by the night tide, and behind it the building of the #Casino de Cabourg rose proudly above the quay. It's unlikely that you have heard anything about this Norman city, but if you saw "THE INTOUCHABLES" by  Olivier Nakache & Eric Toledano, then in the last scene of the movie you could see the same winter beach of Cabourg, which I then looked at. That winter I hopelessly fell in love with Normandy, so the summer 2017, we were here again.
Here you will find the sea that run away for hundred meters a night and in the morning, while walking along the beach, you can not swim, unless you literely walk far beyond the buoys. Here you will find quaint roofs and ornate buildings, but none of them will disgust you. There is no geometry of the streets, it seems, the French know nothing about the existence of such a tool as a ruler. France is chaos, but it is a very #beautiful chaos. Here you will meet people who will smile at you only after hearing a secret password. I'll open it to you, these are the words - Bon Jour. Here are the most courteous and unobtrusive waiters. Here are the most lovely and virtuosic sellers of fish. But you are unlikely to stay in Cabourg or anywhere else in Normandy for long. My son said this: Normandy - it's like to eat a cake seven days in a row. I agree with him, for seven days we had spent in Lower Normandy, we were devastated by the #beauty. And still, if I succeed, I would definitely return there again.

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Fonte iluminada, em frente ao Burj Al Arab. Ao fundo, Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Para entrar no luxuoso hotel Burj Al Arab, somente sendo hóspede ou fazendo reserva em um de seus 9 restaurantes. E foi o que eu fiz. No post de hoje eu mostro como é o Burj Al Arab por dentro. Confere lá: www.viagensebeleza.com
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Фото былых тепленьких деньков... сейчас outside не все так радужно... холод собачий😬 Даже на улицу не выйти.. но я не ною... не ноооююю🙈 Я жду... жду тепла😏 #irina_life_is_good_mexico