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The Po Nagar Cham Towers belong to the ancient kingdom of Cham Pa. Believed to be built in the 8th century, these towers are doorways to the colourful Cham culture.
Visit this marvel when you fly with us to #Vietnam!
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Evening views over Johannesburg - with ❤️ from Westcliff Four Seasons South Africa

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Monkey racketeering! Visited monkey forest in Ubud. Such a beautiful place. I have soft spot for animals. The area is infested with these cute little guys. Spent the day feeding them. Turned out to be a bad thing. Lol. I was swarmed by monkeys. Fighting over me, obviously. My guide who is a local was laughing as I watched a crowd laughing and snapping away. Trying to hold up my dress. My guide told me as he was laughing hesterically, they think you are their mother as they tried to pull down my dress and feed. Luckily it didn't happen, lol. Finally he flagged them to leave me alone. It was an awkward embarrassing experience but I wouldn't trade it for the world. Great funny moment I'll keep forever with me. Still love monkeys but I'll be a little more cautious next time around ☺️ I Def encourage you to see this place if your visiting Bali. The moss, vines, tropical plants and trees are a sight to see. the carvings and komodo dragon sculptures hidden in the dense lush forest trails is so exquisite. Such a beautiful place. I could stay here forever. You can feel the peace & energy in Bali. Oh Ubud, you are a beauty. 📍 Ubud, Bali 🇮🇩

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On the Edge in Rio de Janeiro
Photo by @wellboldrini

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Tiny cabins in Washington.
Photography by @reneeroaming

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Saying yes to adventuring and trying new things 💕 excited to meet some new faces, see some new sights, learn some new ideas and obviouslyyy try some new food! Enjoy your 6 degree Saturday tomorrow everybody, it’s not much warmer in #neworleans right now! ☀️
And if you’re wondering, yes I do have a very type A packing list saved on my computer that I print out every time I travel. No matter what trip you’re going on, you usually have more or less the same stuff to pack. My list has sections for clothing, toiletries, gear and gadgets, documents, miscellaneous, carry on, and a little section I can add to for things that are just applicable to that trip (like if you’re going to a wedding and need to make sure you pack an outfit and shoes for that...orrrrr if you happen to be heading to a 1920s masquerade ball on Sunday and need to remember your dress and mask 😉@risingtidesociety ) Nick and I also have car camping and canoe trip lists! Such a time saver and it helps me make sure I never forget anything!

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Comme des envies #voyage en ce début d’année ! 🙈✈️
Vous savez, j’adore explorer le monde et partir loin mais je pense aussi qu’il y a tant de choses à découvrir à quelques kilomètres de chez soi... 🙏
D’où ma #TravelList d’ici et d’ailleurs :
- 🇲🇽 Mexique
- 🇦🇷 Argentine
- 🇻🇳 Vietnam
- 🇮🇸 Islande
- 🇨🇭 Suisse
- 🇮🇹 Italie
- 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Écosse
- 🇵🇹 Madère
- 🇫🇷 Bretagne
- 🇫🇷 Corse
- 🇫🇷 Jura
Et vous, quelles sont vos destinations proches ou lointaines préférées ? Quelles sont vos envies #voyages 2018 ? ✨

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It’s my babe’s birthday! Doctor McKay is turning 28 for the second time (pretty sure he was 28 last year too) 😂😂 I love you very much @mckaybr36 🍾🎂 (he’s actually 36 but who’s counting)

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Would you stay here?
Photo By @pierdepe (@aviaua)

🙏Пусть любая поездка проходит комфортно! ✈️🗺️😃💛
P.S. Не забудьте сделать скрин экрана и сохранить себе данный чеклист для Путешественников ;) 😉📜#aviaua_blog #aviaua_travels #travellist #checklist #чеклист #путешествие #traveltop #подорож #отдых #rest #vacance

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A queen in her own kingdom. Not as simple as that. But being there, even for that brief moment, makes it live forever in my dreams. Actually, that is why I love traveling - because it really gives you a perspective. It expands the space of your dreams. It’s not about « been there. Done that » it’s more like « been there - I can go back ». And it is not always literally, most of the times it is spiritually. Once your soul is free, your body and mind are too.
🚩Alcàzar de Sevilla
🌍Andalucia, Spain 🇪🇸
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Reenagross Park, Kenmare, Ireland. Photo by @kenmare1

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•Wine tasting•
Stellenbosch, Cape Town.
Gorgeous small little towns surrounded with endless grape vineyards is what Stellenbosch is all about. The prettiest little town I've ever seen. The cafes, shops, restaurants, houses and everything about it is so adorable. We ride for about 60 kilometres on our bike for wine tasting. Ordered three different white and three different red which actually made us a bit tipsy. Paired with olives, gazing at the views and enjoying the wine was about that day. We loved the wines so much that we ended up taking a bottle home. If you're in Cape Town, a visit to Stellenbosch is a must.
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