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fleurs d'été

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Did you know that Cairo is to the east of the Nile (sun rise symbolizing birth), while the Giza pyramids are to the west (sun set symbolizing death)?
To step foot and be in the midst of ancient civilization was truly surreal. Dinosaur fossils have also been found in front of the pyramids. Egypt is of biblical proportions to me, and while I was there, I kept thinking of all the people and lives - lived and lost - in this country, in this place.
As you can see, we were there in the heat of summer and the height of terror alert, so there was barely anyone. The guide told us there used to be tens of thousands of tourists (so climbing up the narrow shafts inside the pyramid would definitely not be for the claustrophobic or agoraphobic), but we had virtually the entire place to ourselves with just a handful of travelers there. We could even take vast shots against the stunning backdrop of pyramids, which would have been impossible previously (although I squinted in all the photos due to the sun and heat ☀️)!
Interestingly too, our guide shared that Akhet is actually the ancient name of pyramids. The name 'pyramid' was given by Greeks as it resembled their triangular-shaped bread, but it was then repeated by historians until, as they say, the rest is history. Also, the Great Pyramid was made using 2 million 600 blocks of limestone, enough to build a wall around France! Every block is so massive (we are tiny humans against the pyramid) that there is a theory suggesting giants constructed the pyramids.
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Most of the photos on this trip were via the Casio FR100, this unique detachable camera is great even for outdoor/ sports/ action shots, thanks to @casiosg @simtj @ninjarolly! 📷

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I've got some serious post holidays blues! 🌎 I wasn't sure how much I would like Vegas, but it was out of this world incredible ✌🏼🇺🇸

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Laung Prabang, Laos

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Я осталась жива 😂
Даже после целого пакета кузнецов,личинок,букашек,лягушек...
чесьно я в шоке от того что что их вообще съела , потому что безумно боюсь всю эту живность 😣😅😂
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This was the sunset before the Barefoot BBQ here on Grand Cayman island last night. We took off our shoes while great chefs like Eric Ripert, José Andrés. and Anthony Bourdain cooked up their favorite island dishes. How fun! It went late into the night and I ate waaaay too much. I'm feeling guilty so about to go out for a morning jog on that beach down there - 7-mile beach that runs in front of the Ritz-Carlton below. #Caymancookout #rcmemories #grandcayman #twitter
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H o n g K o n g 🇭🇰 | T r a f i c L a n d s c a p e

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Hey! Im Laura👩🏽 and Im Raquel👩🏼, and we want to share with you the incredible experiences we are going to live un Philipines :)! We've finished Law and we didnt know what to do next so we've decided to travel! We thought Philipines is a good destination to start because of their people, their activities to do and because is a fuckin paradise, of course!! We're going to spend there one month and we are really excited 🇪🇸🌎🔜🇵🇭