Lene Frandsen (@lene_skrivehuset)

On my way to the moors I passed the neighbour's house. And then I saw the trees dancing, all light and shadow and a dash of spring. Magical ✨🌱

Lene Frandsen (@lene_skrivehuset)

Inspiration called to me from the outside. There's a song in the wind you need to hear. Listen and let inspiration find you. Present. Grounded. Fully alive.

Nicole Johnson (@nicolettekristen)

Hello spring weather, how I've missed you.

Lene Frandsen (@lene_skrivehuset)

Tree and the brook on a rainy day


My never ending search for witchy trees! White Witches of course. I was super sick yesterday from MSG. "They" sneak it into lots of foods. But all better today and back on the road with my camera.

Miriam Liskin (@mliskin)

Dramatic morning light. I apologize for the agility equipment that I couldn't crop out of the photo.