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There's beauty in struggle, 
There's feeling in pain. 
For every painstaking mistake, 
There are lessons you can name.
No one is excluded 
From life's many trials,
Not even a scrape on the knee 
From an innocent child.
It's true, most lessons do hurt. 
Some more than others, 
Some short and temporary, 
Some smothering with suffering.
Some beautiful with love, 
Like a baby and mother.
Some are a constant battle, 
Like sister and brother.
There are lessons we must learn 
About how to love one another.
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Sweet Melissa (@sweet___melissa)

Next to my grandma Martin Luther King Jr. has always been one of my heroes. His morals, conviction, strength & courage to do what was right in a time of intense adversity is always an example of his true love for God & man to me. If you have ever been wronged & chose to love instead of hate you would know as well how hard it is. Reading his works he & his wife constantly chose (key word chose) to do what was right instead of follow the emotional ways of man. And damn that can be hard. I have failed at times but I can only hope as I grow older I can be a great game changer in the world thru my daily choices just as this great man of faith taught us to do. So glad he was born to give an example of true Christianity & true love. Thank you Martin. Happy Birthday!!! #legend

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Hoy Es Luneshhh !¡* Abre La Ventana Para Que Entre El Sol, Abraza Lo Que Te Haga Mas Feliz, Tomate Un Cafesito Para Quitarte El friito y Empieza A Cumplir Tus Sueños, Que Las Metas Son tuyas ¡!* 💙💛💚 #happymommy #truelove #laterpost #HolaLunesh 🤗🎀

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☃️"Hi, I'm Olaf and I like warm hugs!" #オラフ #雪 #冬 #雪だるま #姉#snow #snowman #Olaf #frozen #winter #sisters #truelove

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post spaying surgery Opel needs to rest in her little blue room so she won't jump here and there. I'll just sit next to her room in case she needs me to steal some pellets. #truelove

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Molte persone entreranno e usciranno dalla tua vita, ma soltanto i veri amici lasceranno impronte nel tuo cuore. 👣❤️🐾 #EleanorRoosevelt #friends #fingerprints #mark #footprints #love #dogs #doglovers #truelove