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Si nou fèt a l'image de DIEU sa vle di BONDIEU se JUMEAUX
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Amy Lewis (@lewislettering)

For my very first Nephew (due in just a few weeks time)
From Joshua 1:9
My sister went to the doctor expecting bad news but was instead told she was pregnant - God is GOOD.
And His timing is absolutely perfect.
Believing this kid will be BRAVE & full of COURAGE
If you’re hoping or waiting for something, I hope this snippet of her story will encourage you in yours

Ilya Samoundjev (@ilyasamoundjev)

Love my job. Real estate agent in Hoboken/Jersey City. Get to sell this view behind me :)

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✈️Goodbye America...again✈️ This trip has definitely been a true learning experience about myself, my family, friendships and life in general. As I head back to Japan, I'm focused and my mind and heart are exactly where they need to be. I guess you can say I'm leaving at peace and have come to the understanding that God's plans are always greater than mine and that fate happens just like it is supposed to! Im learning, growing, and excited about planning out the next 18 months that I have left overseas!! If you happen to be traveling to the Pacific let me know! Always looking for a travel buddy to start checking off some of these countries with! Until next time... 😘

Ivana Morano (@we_are_all_a_ripple)

Take A Divinely Guided Chance 9/25

This card encourages you to move forward with your inner guidance, even if you presently can’t foresee how it will all work out. When you take a chance with the guidance that you are receiving, your actions are saying that you trust God and the angels.

Placing our trust in the Divine makes good sense, since Heaven can see our actions from a 360-degree perspective that we often lack. God and the angels can see the repercussions of our actions echoing out into infinity, whereas we are lucky to be able to accurately predict the ripple effect through the next day.

Very few monumental and important tasks have been achieved by people who did not take some sort of risk. We know that it can be intimidating, but trust that you are being led toward a positive and abundant future. God and the angels are with you every step of the way, ensuring that you will only receive that which is for your highest good.

The Angels of Abundance are not encouraging you to take needless risks or to behave recklessly, however. Ensure that you are following your Divine guidance, not some ego-based desire. Greed, anger, and lust are not the emotions of the angels, and they will never guide you with those feelings. True non–ego-based guidance comes in the form of love, inspiration, and giving. You can be assured that if you are receiving guidance that does not come from a place of deep and powerful love, it is not true guidance and you should not follow it. You can always ask God to help you to know if your guidance is true or not, and you will receive clear signs to answer you.
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