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Oh the fishy cracker. Who doesnt have these bad boys in their pantry?? I was surprised when i saw the organic fishes today at Walmart. I am always super suspicious of the word organic and other popular "healthy" words being thrown onto labels and upping the prices for no real reason. Preying on those who dont know better and just want to give their children the best choices possible.

Are fishy crackers healthy? No they are not. BUT i think almost every parent has been to a playgroup or friends house where they were eaten by their child and the addiction begins 😂😂 I allow Jayden to have them as a snack on occasion so i decided to see if it was worth the extra dollar to grab the "organic" ones.
The nutritional values are almost identical. The ingredients are almost identical except for the fact that the flour is organic. Otherwise these are almost identical products in different containers.
I saved my dollar and brought Jayden the whole grain normal ones. I just thought i would share this because i am BEYOND sick of the food companies throwing popular health words onto their labels to fool unsuspecting peeps just trying their best to be healthier.

So the next time you see "fat free" and "no artificial flavours" on those jujubes do NOT assume they are healthy 😂😂😂 #truthbomb 😁😁

#MySoulintheCity (@elyseaanne)

Fighting for equality doesn't' work because we live in a realm of polarity.

Mother Teresa once said not to invite her for any ANTI-WAR campaign. Invite her for PEACE campaign instead.

A fight is a fight regardless of what you're fighting for.

Do you think there's such a thing as Work Life Balance?

NO! How would you know you're out of balanced if you're not stressed out?

This is the work of the Law of Polarity.

Instead of fighting for equality, why not learn to take personal responsibility and do the right thing?

Now... how would one know what's the right thing when one doesn't know the wrong thing?

What is integrity?

Integrity is doing the RIGHT thing even when NO ONE is watching.

We need contrast to learn the opposite.

So... stop wasting energy and focus on the RIGHT thing.

When we learn the difference between Love for Power and Power of Love, only then is there hope for humanity. .
❤️ @elyseaanne

SASHA TOZZI (@sasha_tozzi)

This has been a recurring theme in sessions this week with my coaching clients. It’s also popping up in my own life. This feeling of not being able to fully own my greatness. And I find it intriguing that it seems to be the human condition, a common default to think “who do we think we are?” We are afraid of success as much as we are of failure. Why? My best guess is that we are comfy with staying small because it’s what we’re used to—a way we can protect ourselves from further hurt or scrutiny. It’s protection. And just like numbing out keeps us from joy, so does staying small keep us from our greatness.
When we play small, we don’t get to be fully alive and really LIVING. Really living takes place outside the land of comfort & familiarity. Really living is when we are realizing our potential every day and as we realize our potential, so does the world. We deserve this. We are born for this. The best medicine for the world we live in is for each of us to play big and be as great as we were born to be.

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Saw this at the shops yesterday. Good to know I'm a good mom/mum #truthbomb #1825interiors #sydney #australia #mum #mom #sahm #happiness

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#fall #LA
Only #tbt cuz I've posted it before
#funny but #notfunny

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Craaaaaaazy day... but quick question... Are there ways you can use psychological hacks, persuasion, and influence to dominate your industry and make people who think they are your competitors hate your very presence and want to unfollow you, but they can't because they gotta see what you're doing so they can peep game?

You damn right. (Side note, they can't compete because... #levels.... lol...) Yes.
You can TOTALLY get in your haters and target audiences head if you know how.
I've studied this for 3 years now, and it's time time to bring it.

Not that you care... but this is draft one of the first cover of my new book -

launching in Spring 2018... I went with the SAINTS colors for fun... but it's still early... #whodat and #staytuned

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// gullibility kills wisdom // .. you are allowed to think for yourself!
Just because someone else does something, doesn’t mean you have to as well.
Just because someone sells a particular product or service, doesn’t mean you have to as well – despite the image they portray as ‘success’.
You are ALLOWED to question what is happening around you and you are ALLOWED to make choices on what works for you, rather than what you have been convinced to think or do.
Seriously, if you have doubts about a certain selling method, question it!
If you think something doesn’t sit right against your own common sense or your own way of moving in the world, question it!
The antidote to gullibility is discernment.
And remember you have the POWER to discern what is right for you, and can therefore cultivate the wisdom of your *own* experiences xx SKJ
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Those "heck ya, you guys just got hitched" high-fives!
Have your photographer with you when you sign your official docs guys! Scratch that. Have your photographer with you pretty much all the time. If that sounds awful, then you probably don't like your photographer enough.
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This is so true! Once you start looking for the positive things in your darkest moments they eventually don't seem so dark. I used to live in a desolate, gloomy, and negative world. I changed my mindset because I couldn't go on living in the doom and gloom, it was draining and sucking the life out of me. I still have ups and downs, good days and bad days but I choose to rise above it instead of letting them suck me down a black hole. #ThoughtfulThursday #Mindset #IChooseHappy #CantBringMeDown #IAmStrong #Survior #IGotThis #TruthBomb