Shammi C. (@shammichung)

It's already a month since I've started my new chapter. More adventures to come ☺️ #tryingtobecool

Shuna Iijima/飯島珠奈 (@shuna_iijima)

the only time i felt like i was a professional simply stealing this big thing from cameraman. And I took a good portrait of her😏
#tryingtobecool #カメラマンっぽくやってみた #cameragirl #bts #重かった

Tracy (@chrono.jpg)

So many good things happening at once, today's been a really good day!

💯nicole💯 (

Blog day #1 😬😬😬 •turn down volume• this is so "gringy" (inside joke) stay gringy!! 😂😶