Shay🌴 (@litoraldreams)

First post!
- I'm shay and I own a tropical blog on tumblr. I created this account as a way of helping me deal with negativity in a positive way. I will try and make it themed🔹 - I live in the city so whenever I get the chance to go somewhere tropical I will post it on here, but for now all of these photos will be from weheartit or tumblr. I will try and credit the original owners as much as I can 💕 - I hope this account goes far :) - Tags: #tropical #tropics #litoral #mar #palmtrees #palmtree #tropicaltumblr #vscocam #vsco #vscocamfamily #vscocamfam #tumblraccount #tumblrtropics #tumblrtropical

Faith ♡ | ily 2.6k ⚜️ (@breezefuhl)

sorry for not posting yesterday, i've been studying because we have exams and i really need to get 90+ 💓 i hope you all are having a great day! 🌻