sry for posting infrequently

going priv in 5 mins...⤴️ (@july.hoe_)

beck has always been bae
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was @fuckboysgettextpost (@fuckboysgettextposts)

Take care of your skin drink hella h2o my friends

Cum Tribute (@local.bleach)

I'm at the point where I'm so lazy I don't even have motivation to copy off someone's homework

U R An Fagit (@le.pepe)

Hey guys well the co-owner of the other account fucked me over so wasssssssup

Purple (@clearly.theres.something)

I'm trying to do some lit gore vent art but um I don't draw this often so it looks weird af??? hashTAGS: #tumblr #textpost #hilarious #relatable #funnyshit #tumblrpost #tumblrposts #drawing #art #vent #gore??

A QUEEN👑 (@blessmegomez)

Woooo mondays over with😅😅❤️❤️

no rice no lyfe (@paradiseicedtea)

garhhg i'm not excited for tomorrow in any way shape or form
also guys feel free to dm me at any time i love talking to you guys and i feel like i don't know you guys too well (i should start asking more questions) so hmu bro i promise i'll answer *brofist*
ok well gn !!