Spritual Quotes (@devotionfinds)

God is with her, she will not fall.

take a fuckin sip babes (@plant._.babe)

fuck knows what this aesthetic is gonna be, it'll probably be messy but who cares

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Spritual Quotes (@devotionfinds)

You cannot be fruitful unless you remain in me

textposts (@daddypopefrancis)

But my broke ass is tryna get a scholarship so thats the other reason im gonna try and get a 4.0 next year lol

textposts (@daddypopefrancis)

Idk i really feel like im gonna actually apply myself this school year, like i know all the shit they teach it just never interested me honestly

textposts (@daddypopefrancis)

Im dreading going to school after break but im looking forward to graduating so i gotta get it done


vid creds: @monstermav . this song dumb lit tho

cece🎈 (@flavored.pringles)

Goodnight I'm never sleeping again