Sarah Lewis & Dogs That Mush (@dogsthatmush)

It has come so much snow this year. And it hasn't been as much snow here for over 15 years. My problem when I head out with my dogs in this deep powder snow is my anchor. If I have to stop to fix my dogs line or change dog booties they have no problem running of like nothing is holding them back. Even with only 6 dogs my anchor which is not a small anchor can't hold them. But then I noticed my French friend @thibautbrqt anchor and the design of it. Even by looking at it I knew this must be better than mine. I was out with Thibaut's handler Marc-Olivier who has earlier in life been a musher himself, and asked him what he thought about the anchor. This is his reply: the anchor is very wide, with a very high connecting plate so it gives maximum restraint. It is shaped so that the stronger the traction, the deeper it gets into the track. The designer has thought of safety and comfort first before weight. I really feel safe using the anchor.

The anchor in the picture is the anchor I'm talking about. They are made by @lumacsledding and if you are a musher just like me, I highly recommend to check them out and see the design for yourself.

Espen Kalkenberg (@espenkalken)

Sjeldent...., men noen ganger er det nesten for mye av det gode!
@mkalkenberg i drivet. #høgtuva#topptur #toppturhelgeland #turistforeningen #utno #utpåtur #randonee

Randi Solheim (@randisolheim_)

Heimtur i kveldssol på Finse ❄️

Arctic Bodø (@arcticbodo)

Siden nyttår har antallet soltimer per døgn økt fra 2 til 9.5. Vi må si at vi liker utviklingen, og ser frem til flere blinkskudd med #arcticbodo fremover. 📸 av @monjoh47


I Kvæfjord er det nordlyssesong ennå! Hvem skulle du gjerne ha delt denne utsikten med?! 😍🙌🏻❤️
Foto: @torafuskevaag

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