Plum Jarvis (@plumthepuddy)

When your hooman doesn’t feed you for 5 minutes and you have to take matters into your own paws #macgyverkitty @hillspetau 😺

Hudsonika (@hudsonika)

Update! We received a pleasant surprise... or rather two pleasant surprises... Nika is now a mama cat to these precious little ones who are both staying together and going to a wonderful home 😽😻

Arwa♪🐱 مياو مياو (@cutenessinheels)

عناناصه😍🍍 اليوم كله تعبانه أحس دايخه طوال اليوم الله يستر المفروض أكون أتحسنت by now 😔
يلا الحمد لله على كل حال

Checkers (@checkersthekitten)

Sunlight and boxes are my two favorite things ❤️😻

Bluey n Zorro (@bluey.zorro)

My morning meditation 😺