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Tadinya mau font sinetron tp adanya ini hiks 😂
Maafkan aku segenap fans ainana telah membuat si kembar jd cover sinetron
The twin fron Idolish7, Nanase Riku in MG costume and Kujo Tenn in SN costume (don't ask me why they give such an open costume to a guy with asthma. Seriously, he could catch a bad cold)
Warning, isinya rant panjang sampe ke bawah. Please scroll up if you don't want to read these thoughts about idolish7.
At first, I wasn't really interested in watching male idol groups anime since I thought that people who do are single weeb girls who want to see some good-looking guys which are then self-proclaimed as husbu.
But I guess I started liking Idolish7 for their story, unexpected twists and development in the plot. At first, I just figured that it won't hurt to see how Kai, Aichi, and Ren from cardfight vanguard fares as idols in another anime and at the beginning, I thought that it looked pretty ordinary, but as the story goes on, I guess it gets interesting, not just the plot twists, but how the writer used every details that I thought was insignificant into a part of the main story, not like some people who just throw unnecessary details into the background.
It's not just the story, I love the characters equally too, as Idolish7 (and Trigger, I like them too), a group, not a self-proclaimed husbu. Yep. Not every idol fan wants a 2D husbu. Because I like them as a person who I want to see developing even more.
Maybe the drawing's still a little off since I'm not used to draw guys, but I guess I hope it's an okay contribution to the growing fandom.
Sorry for the long rant. Have a nice evening.

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I love my bebeiii...
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Lunch with my lovely girl💙
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Or maybe put it like “a picture of us being the cutest hooligans alive”- @diaa.patel #twin #wecornyaf
This feels weird ash idk how y’all ladies slay your finstas

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Sometimes I wonder why people are so afraid to say yes to try something new, like what is the real reason?

It made me stop and think to when I first started this coaching journey, and what my worries were and what made me decide to just go for it.

Failure....I was afraid to fail to let my team down and to let myself down. But if you really think about it, failure is all a mindset! Doing the hard stuff is scary, stepping out of your comfort zone certainly scares the 💩 outta me; but my want for change, for a happier life, is worth doing the hard!! It hurts my ♥️ to think people are missing out on the best life they could be living!! Time to check in with my ladies and get down to business!! 💻 ✏️ #workflow #ladyboss #thankfulthursday