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I believe in secret Sky Wizards. They are real. And if I concentrate really hard and mumble thank yous to the Sky Wizards, I can do wizardry too. Wizards never die. If their mana pool destabilizes, they revert back to their vorpal pool. That's on the 17th plane, so we can't detect it. But it's always close by. After their mana pool synchronizes, they pop back. Time doesn't pass the same in vorpal space, so that could happen backwards, forwards, or even at the same point they left! Wizards never die, and can be very old. They secretly run the whole world. Their spells make the sun rise and set, and the leaves blow. You should be very thankful to wizards and mumble silent thank yous to them. If you gain their favor, they will do nice things for you. They may even allow you to live forever in their giant secret sky castles. But only if you are loyal, and very obedient. You have to remember to do as you are told, and you may never forget to say your secret thank yous to the wizard. You may not ever look at, acknowledge, or say thank you to another secret sky wizard. Not even pictures. If you do, your wizard may decide to use his magic to punish you, instead of helping you. Oh, and most secret sky wizards hate women. So if you are a woman, don't bother, they're kinda mean. And if you're gay, the secret sky wizard might try to straighten you. Or bend you. Over. So remember to say your thank yous to the secret sky wizard that is right for you, and remember, if you do as you are told and stay humble and obedient, you might get a secret sky castle!

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A king is not complete without his queen πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ€΄ despite all of the "danger signs" we hiked all the way to this beautiful site. #twinfallsmaui #kingandqueen #bigfalllittlefall #jenniferirene #powercouple #maui #paradise #hawaii #waterfall #twinfalls

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Had a very near death experience on the road to Hana 😱 but was able to see the twin falls waterfall. Wouldn't change it for anything πŸ€™πŸ½ #makingmemories#maui🌴#twinfallsmaui#roadtohanadaytrip photocred @justcallmetes


Pull off the path to a pretty killer view #twinfallsmaui #roadtohana

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Sorry about my dad's lack of mustache. #maui #waterfall #twinfallsmaui


Jungle wandering. Sigh. Can this trip even get better? #twinfallsmaui

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Twin Falls hike today. If you go, bring shoes to hike through the stream to get to the falls. One can swim there too! Very beautiful! #twinfallsmaui

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My brave girl her big sister is cheering her on so she could jump ! #twinfallsmaui se avento la chiquilla

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The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life. πŸ™ŒπŸ½ I feel like the reason why we associate God with nature so much is because we see the affects of water (source of life) on creation. What a plant looks like, dried up vs green & thriving. So now the question is, where are you planted? Are you rooted next to source of life or are you in a dry place? Are you even rooted at all? 🌱 Being rooted doesn't mean you don't have questions. It doesn't mean you've got your career path mapped out. Being rooted means you know your way back home. It means when the storm rages on, you're anchored & secure. You're confident in you are, spirit & soul. You know that you're created by The Almighty & he doesn't create JUNK! πŸ™πŸ½ #maui #hawaii #nature #waterfall #createexplore #godscreation #explorehawaii #nakedhawaii #alohaoutdoors #adventureanywhere #glimpseofhawaii #nakedhawaii #mauinokaoi #hawaiistagram #twinfallsmaui #waterfallwednesday #soulsearching #quoteoftheday #hawaiishoots #havealohawilltravel #lethawaiihappen #hawaiistagram