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Tyga’s Kyoto Cover Art, What Was He Thinking? Check out my latest video on my YouTube channel about Tyga’s (@kinggoldchains) artwork for his next album ‘Kyoto’. This cover art has really pissed people off! In this video I talk about what I think about it and the real reason why he came up with this weird, controversial artwork. Link is in my description so be sure to check it out 🙌

Newinflux (@newinflux)

Tyga’s artwork for his next album ‘Kyoto’ is weird and creepy as hell. So I thought I’d let you know my thoughts on it and talk about why he did it in my most recent @youtube video. Make sure you check it out, link is in my description or just hit up ‘Newinflux’ on YouTube🙏

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Celo & Abdi (@celoetabdi) von den Azzlackz (@azzlackz_offiziell) mit Olexesh (@olexesh_offiziell) von 385i (@385instagram) zerFLEXen die Cypher 38.5 🎙️📡📻
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Doing something different ain't always easy but worth the journey #LastKings #LK #Tyga #KingShit #Kingin