Jess (@_monpetitamour_)

Here’s hoping for another perfect weekend ✨

The Unbecoming Mama (@justine.missen)

She even looks at the leaves like they're magic.
I'm still in awe by how much this tiny person has taught me, it's supposed to be the other way around. She reminds me that there's beauty everywhere, you don't even need to look for it, you just have to stop and take it all in 💓

#happymama (@mila_sh_ka)

Help! My mummy thinks she is a photographer😁🛑 ✋🏻 Спасите, моя мама думает, что она фотограф! 😁🛑✋🏻

Julianna Woehrle (@my_wildflowers)

3 months of pure bliss with our little man. I literally feel as if I was just taking his 2 month picture and here we are a whole month later! Our sweet boy has really been coming alive this month and he’s just got us smitten. #finnleyjakobgrows <- follow along to see how much he’s grown each month! (He’s totally wearing the same pants in every picture so far- we’ll see if they still fit in a month😅)
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melissa (@melissa_guerpo)

a few of my favorite things ♡ sunsets, palm trees and salty kisses.

Milly (@little.miss.willow)

Special time with Uncle Ollie @oliverkemeys 💙

Breastfeeding + New mum (@reneesgoodies)

Do you have a little one excelling in gymnurstics?? 😂🙊😝
#mustnotletgo #gymnursticschampion
[📷 taken by @laine_tribes of @littleraeprints]

Previously @thefearlessflower (@tales.of.our.tribe)

A little flashback Friday to this little face. I think this is one of my favourite pictures of Poppy. These colours just suit her skin tone and eyes so perfectly. My sweet little babe who is currently resting her head on my belly and giving the baby kisses ❤️❤️

Rachel || mama blogger 💕 (@my_life_as_mama)

Is it just human nature or is it a construct of the overly saturated social media world we live in that we would compare ourselves to another and allow their truth to somehow cast a shadow on ours?
This morning I read the comments left on @life_of_pea breastfeeding post; as a mother who never quite got to grips with it and turned to pumping and eventually bottles I am so proud of every woman who “gets it”. Having experienced the pain and discomfort of those first weeks I am totally with every woman who says “it’s not for me”. As a mother who fed her baby I say “I got this, my baby will have a full tummy and we will cuddle and she will sleep in my arms knowing that she is loved, regardless”
Don’t compare yourself to others; we are all doing what is best for us and ours and that’s all that matters.