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KUch to hai tjhe se raabta kuCh to hai tjhse raabta kaise hme jane hme Tu btA...kch to hai tjhse raabta @shahzeb.shaikhh #UnknownLover #Cutest #SexiestManALive #FoLLowHim 😘😚🌎❤️

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Yes! Yes!! and Yes!!! So help me God
@Regrann from @relationshipandmarriage - 1. I commit to wait for you
2. I commit to preserve my body for you!
3. I commit to improve myself in every way possible so as to present myself to you fit for our destiny!
4. I commit to pray for you so that God's will for you and us would not be lost in the pressures of life!
5. I commit to refuse and decline alternatives to you whilst I wait for you!
6. I commit to consciously and deliberately serve God now and when you come
7. I commit to seek God's opinion concerning our future and begin to pray it through!
8. I commit to pray for you that you rise above your weaknesses and grow in strength!
9. I commit to stop making excuses and start making adjustments!
10. I commit to be productive and to be useful to our union when we see!
11. I commit to pray you into my life from whatever distance you currently are... What God has joined together let nothing put asunder!
12. I commit to watch my weight and not let my appetite control my size while I wait for you!
13. I commit to pay attention to wise counsel by GOD'S word, read great books and add value to my mind!
14. I promise to pray for our unborn kids ahead of our having them and to pray for them until this world I leave
15. To you my yet to be partner, I commit to do all things within my understanding to prepare for the day our love we shall have!

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