Bébé (@earthenergymedicine)

I may be a #stranger but I come as a #sister. You and I are not so different from one another. This is for all of you, brothers and sisters that I may not have met yet, all of you that may be hesitant to walk through the doors and join in in our #healings.
4 years ago my #life was #chaos, hidden under the #appearances of a good job, a loving and supportive relationship and a beautiful daughter, the #reality was far from the #mask I was wearing.
#Bullied, highly #stressed, #disconnected from myself thus
others, drowning in my own high #expectations of #achieving #perfection in all areas in my life, I was left constantly #unsatisfied & #frustrated, constantly manipulating life, constantly striving for more: more drinks, more sugars, more surfs, more cigarettes and all that in an attempt to band-aid the #truth.
Today well just like you I am still #clearing some of my shit but I am shining through it.
Today I have reclaimed my #energy, my life! Through all those techniques we shall share in circle or in our healing.
Today I am honoring my truth, my #gifts, my #purpose, and that feels #sensational!
Today it is time. Time to pass on what has helped me reclaim my power.
I am truly looking forward to holding space for you, for me, for us to reconnect with our true nature, so we can return #home.

Yes, HOME, home to our #present self, our #joyous self, our #heart-led self, our #peaceful self.
So we can #reclaim our #power.
So much Love 💕
Xx Bebe

ABRAR (@abrar_8508)

I know😏 why you are #unsatisfied.🙈
Because every time⌚️ my attitude😏 kills #your_ego 🔫and that is fairly #unjustified

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Vanga vanthu kuthunga#unsatisfied aunties#mood

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Card of the Day: 8 of Cups

#unfulfilled #unsatisfied #adjustment #changes #embracechange #personaljourney #trip #travel #relationships #partnership #business #career #finances #money #pisces #neptune #astrology #zodiac #tarot #tarotcards #tarotreadings
If you are seeing this card, it may be indicating that you are not happy with how things have been going in your life. You are unsatisfied and ready for a change and so you’re willing to walk away from everything you’ve done and known to try to find a new way. In order to do this though, you will need to start digging deep and find out what it is inside of you that could use to adjusting and changing as it has to start within first. Once you get that handled, then you can work on the circumstances on the outside next. This is a step by step process and by no means easy. Figure out what you’re willing to put on the back burner for awhile for the betterment of what you can do right now.
To go forward may require possible travel or going into a personal journey where you’ll be doing things you’ve never done before which can seem scary but it can also be exciting at the same time. Remember, this card is about leaving behind the known and outworn in order to find a new and more exuberant path to take so you can finally make the necessary changes. There may be a bit of unease associated with this card because change isn’t always a fun process. That being said, when you’re looking for a “yes” or “no” type of answer, this one is unfortunately a No. How can that be? Well, remember that this card stresses your unhappiness and the need to break through with changes. Understand?

Astrologically speaking, this card is associated with Pisces. Neptune is in Pisces and causing people to not see things clearly. Discernment and intuition is very much needed when making decisions so you don’t have false illusions. The timing with this card is an 8 which can be the month of August, 8 days, 8 weeks, or 8 months at the longest. Try to embrace change so you can finally find the best way forward and improve your life greatly thus alleviating the dissatisfaction. *Card of the Day pulled from Tarot Apokalypsis deck.

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Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear!!! #tbt #brother #unsatisfied #unsatisfiedgang

Serhat HD (@serhat.hd)

Ballin is Life🏀...

Burak Berke Özer (@burak_berke_ozer)

Okadar ameliyattan sonra ancak bu kadar oluyor. (Şimdilik) #unsatisfied #teamnocalves

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😂 #surpriseyourselfzjd #unsatisfied #moreweight -
I am thankful to be constantly surrounded by people who won’t let each other settle for less than our greatest potential. @projct_lift @columbus.crc @drrichardulm