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The Sun in Cara’s chart is conjunct Algenubi, the star in the jaw of the Lion (Leo). It also aligns with stars in the Bear (Ursa Major) and the Ark (Argo Navis). Her Uranus is conjunct a star in the triple-headed serpent (Cerberus) held by Hercules. The retrograde Saturn aligns with stars in the playful Dolphin constellation (Delphinus). Find @caradelevingne.



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How to know if you’re Uranian / going through a Uranus transit?

Do you feel unstable, erratic, provoking crises in your life, to then sit down and witness the shitstorm you created? Do you wonder why you always feel the need to f*ck things up when everything was going « fine » in your life?

Uranus doesn’t care for fine. It’s associated with Aquarius, and Uranus wants constant progress, innovation, greatness. Uranus wants you to be YOU, in a society that wants you to be anything but you. Uranus wants you to lead your own world, to be the captain of your Soul, to BECOME yourself.

It’s so easy to settle, to trade great for safe, to trade growth for comfort; but if you’re Uranian by natal or transit, outside forces or yourself will end up ruining all the chances you had to maintain comfort. You’ll see yourself telling people off, quitting jobs you needed, burning bridges you meant to strenghten.

Go with the flow. Don’t beat yourself up over the choices you made. Uranus is talking to you, and the longer you refuse to listen the more things it’ll need to break for you to finally get it: Whatever road you were on was not YOURS. It wasn’t allowing you to be your truest and highest self, move on.

All the planets only want one thing: Our growth. They all have different goals and different ways of communicating. Recognize it, and listen. Ignoring a planet is like ignoring a toddler; it will scream louder and louder until you take care of it.

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Tonight @ 1908 PST we say good bye to orderly Capricorn♑️ & say hello to witty ♒️Aquarius; with the sun moving in to ♒️ in the 9th house; which is ruled by Sagittarius♐️ and travel&knowledge, Aquarians are motivated by their thirst for knowledge, finding new perspectives & a new way to get things done!

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january 18-19: hello hello everyone!✨✨we are moving into #AQUARIUS MODE y’all!♒️🤘🏽😭 #venus slipped into aquarius yesterday and later today the #SUN will move into aquarius aswell! all of the capricorn energy we have been having has been used to build and re-structure who we want to be “in the public eye”!🛠️💰 what we want to achieve, what areas we want to expand, and how we want to get to that.✨ #mercury has been moving through capricorn as well recently, tracing the steps of the sun & venus! even though our relationships, finances & awareness will be shifting into aquarius…our mindset and communication will still be focused on the building aspects of #capricorn!💪🏽🤔 aquarius is all about revolution and ascension from a place of restriction & limitation. finding interesting and unique ways to bust old paradigms!🧐🤨 aquarians are seen as the “weird-ones” from the future!! we will be shifting and creating new visions for ourselves…but with eccentric flare! seeing how we are unique and can set ourselves apart from the group! aquarius is also the 7th house of leo! {the 7th house is ruled by #libra: partnerships & marriage!} and since the #northnode is in leo currently, this #aquariusseason will kick off PARTNERSHIP TIME!👯‍♂️ fated attractions will be everywhere…pulling together new business buddies, lovers & friendships! if you’ve been having trouble finding your tribe…this aquarius season will help so much! not only will aquarius season bring partnerships because of the 7th house influence…aquarius also rules the house of friendship and community!!✨ as an aquarius…i have always been surrounded by friends and love making new friends!🤗 aquarians are the humanitarians and love connecting with others! this is becoming our vibe as well!✨for the collective energy, we are focused on the COIN!!💸 this shift of venus into aquarius has got our minds on new and innovative ways to make and shift our finances! we are looking at the give & take in our relationships and finances! what energy have we been expelling and what is coming in?! new opportunities to gain monetary help from others will be available as well! we have begun moving towards our newness…building the👇🏾

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The seventh planet from the sun, Uranus is an oddball. It’s the only giant planet whose equator is nearly at right angles to its orbit — it basically orbits on its side. Astronomers think the planet collided with some other planet-size object long ago, causing the tilt. The tilt causes extreme seasons that last 20-plus years, and the sun beats down on one pole or the other for 84 Earth-years. Uranus is about the same size as Neptune. Methane in the atmosphere gives Uranus its blue-green tint. It has numerous moons and faint rings!! #makeupseries #planetqueen #uranus #heeheehee ( 🌑 ) o ( 🌑 )

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I have a whole chart explaining why I am the way I am 😩🤦🏾‍♀️😂 AQUARIUS RISING!!! This song though 🙌🏾😂 #Repost @krissyabooboo with @get_repost
EVERY DAMN MOMENT OF MY GLORIOUS HUMYN EXPERIENCE AYYYY!! 🤖😆🎊 Happiest of transitions into Venus in Aquarius to you, lovebugs - GET WEEEIRRRDDD..within Capricornian reason.. 😂🤘👽 #AquarianShit #Uranian #Electricity #LoveMachine .
REAL TALK DOE - deez Uranian bishes be makin ALL da random-ass noises/ERRTHANG, eclectic AF, notorious for goin full-blown stiff-baby “hell no we won’t go” to ANYTHING thats remotely “poppin” and/or “trending”, torn between wanting to be around others and being alone - totally content with seeing/connecting from a distance/screen (social media/interwebular action), MAKING UP NEW WORDS/ANYTHING 😂, doing/saying things SIMPLY to see the reaction and learn about cause/effect, PSYCHOLOGYYYY, diversity, detachment like a MF..the list goes on.. 📝
Finally got some AIR up in these transits.. take (at least) three long deep breaths, feel the earth beneath your feet, allow yourself to soak in all this glorious elder astro goodness, THEN GET TO WERK. #BossUp #CantStopMeMeow .
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