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A little sneak peak at Saturday's workout. Hmm what do all those numbers mean? A little march madness on our last Saturday workout this month. Do you have what it takes to survive all four regions ?!?! See you there! #surviveandadvance #marchmadness #UvsU #versus #saturdaywod #somanynumbers #thingsthatmakeyougohmmmmm

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Low quality pic , high quality pump.
I wanted to share something that I learned today from The Godfather of my gym Mike Cruise. He came over as I was doing my workout and asked what muscle I was trying to work and I said rear delts. He then tweaked my form the slightest and my rear delts were on 🔥. After that I carried on with my workout and he came over again after a bit and told me a great piece of advice that everyone should know. He said "there is such thing as "the right form/right range of motion" and there is such thing as effective form/range of motion." Everyone is unique in shape and size so how can there be 1 correct way to preform a movement? It's close to if not impossible. He also said "find what makes the unnatural movement feel natural." If whatever exercise you're doing doesn't feel right it's most likely harming our body more then it is helping. With that said don't exactly worry about how far you're going down or if you are putting our hands in the "correct" spot. Find where you are most comfortable/powerful and that it YOUR best position for the movement. Not everyone is going to be as flexible or have same size arms/legs so you shouldn't preform a movement exactly as you see someone else do it. Find what works best for you and is most comfortable. Thanks Mike . 💪🏻💪🏻

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Splatoon 2 Demo is live!!! Guys its awesome and the graphics are great and online gameplay is smooth 👌🏽"Swipe Left More Pics 📱👈🏽"

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Molly Ringwald Vs Ally Sheedy. Who you with? Don't just like the post, choose 1! #mollyringwald #versus #allysheedy #actresses #thebreakfastclub #sonrizemusic

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•Ya en El Molinón junto a mi bro @gabrielpluchino para el España #versus Israel

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Yes, I'm a woman. I wear a little makeup to going all out to nothing at all. Yes, it's a lot of lighting and filters but then there are those times when I wish to go off guard and bare the raw. I got my blemishes and my scars_ and uhh, also my acne to keep me company and reminding me to stay grounded. No, I don't go to bed looking anything like the 2nd and 3rd pictures clockwise not do I wake up so, but more like the 1st and the last. Yes, those are also how my folks and love see me more of and appreciate as. But not that I am not proud of what I become with a hint of gloss, a swipe of eyeliner, stroke of brow pencils and a dab of compact and an adjustment of the lighting and filters. But that is for me, more than so for anyone else. And then there is also the side of me that goes to bed sans it all. I am multi-faceted and live both moments with equal joy. I have my insecurities when it comes to my looks(that scarce brow, that off centre nose, the many pores, that huge acne, the hormonal outburst that put me on medication) but hey, then who doesn't. Wouldn't be human not to. This is just to remind those who think what we see is what it is, but then let's remind each other that Beauty is only really skin deep. Real beauty does lie in how you innately carry yourself with grace even with that angry red bump showing or a stray frizzy lock whipping your face or eyebrows that belong to Narnia or lips that are charred with the puff and pull of just too many smokes. Surround yourself with people who appreciate that as much as that wanton babe the rest of the world gets to see and drool over. Never let a man or a woman bring you down just because you don't agree with their conformity of beauty. Hey, could be they do not fit into those who appreciation and attention they seek. And yes, a lot goes into making a picture worth a million bucks. But then if everybody looked just the same where would the exciting go? * GOOD NIGHT * #LoveYourself #WeAreAllImperfect#RejoiceInYourself#BeautyIsSkinDeep#lovethyself#bedtimetales#sleeptight#youarebeautiful#bareface#versus#makeup#nomakeup#nomakeupselfies#selfies#thishowweroll#nofilter#ig#mylife#summarised#loveyoutoobae ❤️

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