Bjørn Magne Dombestein (@dombestein)

"Ships in the horizon"
Hi friends!
Here is the left section of the image I posted yesterday evening. If you have not seen it, please view my gallery with 3 images in each row. There you find Technical mumbojumbo too.

Do you prefer this method or the swipe-pano image?
I kind of prefer this, since both of these 2 can stand alone as invidual images. When you put them together on a wall in large format, the magic occur.
So visit my gallery and let me know if you can see the magic!
Have a wonderful evening out there where ever you are in the world! ☺️🙋

Stina Sønvisen (@sonvis)

There must be feeling in the pipeline

NorthernShots (@northernshots)

Pretty silhouettes of the trees in the moonlight, shiny snow, stars and some very faint Northern Lights ✨ A nice shot by @fotoromia
#Northernshots #fotoromia

Benjamin Davies (@bendavisual)

Cloud Claps 👏

Mixing up the post format and going back to some old Norway pics 🇳🇴

Terje Helberg Photography (@terjehelberg)

A stroll in beautiful winter weather.