Paul Melnik (@paulmelnk)

Captions are the worst

Kaitlyn Stoddard-Carter (@kaitlynstoddard)

You came for me in fast forward
On a claim for something ordered
A way through and past the history that held you
I'd tell my own story through you
Tell it loud to never lose you
-Wailin’ Jennys

Tara (@becketar)

Hold my hand and walk with me into the Light.

A L E X F I L A R D O (@alexfilardo)

You couldn’t catch me in a store this morning (or last night) #optoutside

A L E X F I L A R D O (@alexfilardo)

“Life on earth first emerged from the sea. When polar ice melts and water thermally expands, sea level rises and we humans find ourselves facing the prospect that once again, we may quite literally become the ocean.”