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Pronounced as: sin jow, the word "chào" means hello in English, but you would rarely use it alone.
Typically, you would need to follow the term with another word based on the age, gender, and familiarity of the other person.

Adding "xin" to the front of "chào" makes the phrase more polite. Native Vietnamese speakers would typically reserve this for someone who is older or admired.

So the next time you come into Que Việt, remember to say xin chào to our staff!

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When someone says they are your best friend, don't believe it... it's just plain bullshit. You can "accidentally" say something but yet, you don't want to admit it to everyone because you got embarrassed. Like, bitch... shake my head. Ain't no damn friend of mine #fakefriends #fakelove #bestfriend #embarassing #fake #bitch #fuck #bullshit #vietnamese #asian #viet

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Check out our very fist vocal cover ❤️ ( link in bio )

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The elegance of simplicity | Thank you @the.beginning.of for the before launch present 💐 #TheBeginningOf #UmbrellaLosAngeles

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Leaving again, I'm coming for you Seoul ✌🏼또 봐요~ 🇰🇷

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Going to the pool, who wants to join me?! 🐼🏊‍♀️

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Looking down at a boat making its way towards the Mekong Dekta from a high-rise in Ho Chi Minh City (a.k.a. Saigon)

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Vietnamese Banh Mi~ 😫👍