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シンプルだけど、海老の出汁が効いて、めっちゃ通ったお粥😎 *
ハノイの思い出の味☝🏼 *


When you don't got a Vietnamese mom no what you gotta do! Pho Bac makes the best banh cuon and cha gio in the city! #foodporn #alwayshungry #vietnamesefood #favourites #happy #workthings

Saigon Sisters (@saigonsisters)

Tonight's Special is Grilled Sea Scallops with Yuzu-Tamarind Glaze. Get it before we are closed for #memorialdayweekend #vietnamesefood #tasty #delicious #scallops

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Vietnamese rice platter! #vietnamesefood #asianfood

Kevin Dang (@dangalangg)

Checked out Bol Kitchen & Bar today and it was great! Let me just confess one thing before I start my review though. I saw the location and assumed that the food would not be authentic. It was too "upscale". Therefore from the start I was expecting it to be dumbed down take on Vietnamese food. I feel so dumb for forming such a critical opinion even before I had tasted the food! The food is really tasty! It's fresh and has all the key components to it that make it distinctly Vietnamese. It's fresh, its salty, sweet, savory, and vibrant! In the picture you see the Banh Xeo my girlfriend got. Banh Xeo if you didn't know, is a crispy savory crepe that is traditionally filled with pork belly, shrimp and bean sprouts. I got the Bo Kho ( Vietnamese Beef Stew). The meat was tender, the veggies were flavorful, and the stew itself was unbelievable ! It's so rich and deep, while still being light and smooth. That is what Vietnamese cuisine is! For the Thai, it's a balence between salty, sweet, sour, and spicy. For Vietnamese it's a balance between depth and simplicity! Anyways guys rant aside if you're still reading this be sure to check out Bol Kitchen & Bar on 65th ave. #vietnamesefood #seattle #vietnamesefoodseattle #seattleeats