Julian Kim Romero (@_jkvr)

Them burn out marks. Not me. 📸@splitimageco

nikki w (@nikkixwg)

Thank you @mysugarmat & @guavapass for the little gift of color. And congrats on the new store opening! 🙏

Jason Samuels (@jason.nef)

Breathe in the breeze like a sweet sigh
Keep me tongue tied
If this lasts forever I'll be just fine
Oh I'll be just fine

Salwan (@dougdimmadxme)

I had an amazing time and many many wonderful opportunities to see how people live life over the pond. Biggest takeaway-nobody likes to shake ass over here

Mike Waas (@mikewaas)

50/50 , light/dark , your facade/you


✨You guys! I’m leading a workshop for @ritdye on these shibori dyed wrapping fabrics (furoshiki) and dip-dyed tags I made for the holidays! Head over to @thefestivecollective to get tickets and join us Thursday, Dec.14th at 6:30pm!!

T E A G A N (@richhotbitch)

Keep It Simple: this is a phrase I try to abide by in almost aspect of my life (even though I'm often decidedly maximal) 🌟 keeping things simple helps to keep my mind clear and keeps my house free of clutter ✨
That's why I'm so glad to get to work with @pepsoap and their beautiful products - Natalie's handmade soaps are made with real ingredients that are responsibly sourced and not to mention they are STUNNING (swipe ➡️ to see the three bars I got to try) .
✨ You can find @pepsoap on November 25 at the Dunbar Christmas Craft Fair or on December 9 at the Port Moody Craft Fair or check out the link in my bio to see a list of stockists around the world ✨
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Philip | New Zealand (@grid_lynes)

As the sun falls closer to the horizon
light pierces its way through the canopy
softly illuminating the forest floor