Its all about what you know I suggest everyone should bare arms the same thing happen to #2pac & he won he didn't get charged for knowing his rights. To be blunt its either have a gun for the right reasons or die for the wrong ones that means your kids as well teach before just giving them guns teach them why its necessary. Teach them safety as well as how to use it & how to recognize real danger. #wakeup

TBR (@thebarneyrebel)

#Mood - How I feel every day God wakes me up in the mornin "I WAKE UP AND GO AND GET IT❗️" PERFORMING TMRW NIGHT @yaemoore_aon @theroxy with @iitsad @radiogoham and more

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If #bluelivesmatter is all about police and not what we KNOW its really about, then explain this to me. During all of the media coverage involving a cop killing an unarmed black man, the cops face and history was never exposed so fast. At the same time, the vicim was NEVER painted as a human being deserving of justice. #Bluelivesmatter=#whitelivesmatter ONLY....#getout #manipulation #media #america #racism #whitesupremacy #whitesupremacyisterrorism #wakeup.

d i a n a p a s c h a l (@dianapaschal)

Watch as information we encounter runs counter to predictions we've had about reality. We see old patterns set from traumas built up within to protect us. It's scary, overwelcoming and challenging to witness them and let them go but we must constantly go within, reopen those boxes, and shift to continue in our evolution. ✨

Egy Chen (@playgirl329)

昨天大家都在Roadside inn x WSS
(● ˃̶͈̀ロ˂̶͈́)੭ꠥ⁾⁾我們都是Roadside inn

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This made my day. Enjoy and remember, this current political system has been designed to get the American people so fed up that they lose complete faith in the system, rise up and fight back. When this happens the elite will institute Martial law. Obama wrote executive order 13603. He laid the groundwork for what is about to happen. Don't be fooled by their manipulation. The only real revolution is one of consciousness. Don't pick any side but your own. #revolution #wakeup #consciousness
#donaldtrump #merica #trump