Christian R Long ॐ ॐ ॐ (@christianrlong)

Golden CO...🙏❤️

Christian R Long ॐ ॐ ॐ (@christianrlong)

See you guys today at 11am MT for deep peace and heart expansion FB: Christian R Long

Lynn Horton (@horton.lynn)

October 22nd enjoying coffee on the deck. May as well enjoy the weather while we have it. ☕️☕️☕️
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Sara Garcia Lopes Chaves (@saraglchaves)

Já que ontem não teve escada, hoje teve bike!!! 💥🚴🏻‍♀️ 💥🚴🏻‍♀️ Aula 🔝 da prof @mairafranco24 e com a cunha cia de todas as horas @retacla 👊💪
Domingo começando muito bem!!! ❤️ #studiovelocity #bikelovers #aulatop #consistenciaepersistencia #wakeupandbeawesome

Todd Kehoe (@shred_lord)

Mountain Bike season is done in the #Tetons, but winter is around the corner. Fun in #BrownPow & #WhitePow pending the season, you gotta just #WakeUpAndBeAwesome everyday. #4Frnt #GiantBikes #TargheeBound #JacksonHoleMountainResort #JHLiftOps #ILoveWyoming

Wake Zone Coffee House (@wakezonecoffeehouse)

When you can’t come in, drive thru! The Wake Zone is your only locally owned coffee house with a convenient drive thru. #thewakezone #thewakezonecoffeehouse #wakezonelove #wakeupandbeawesome

Melissa | The Crafted Crane (@melcarr18)

The hardest part is getting up and showing up. And making sure you have a good breakfast! I was running late, only had time to grab a protein shake and a few cliff shots blocks. But I made it and I hated it for he first couple songs because I couldn't find my energy... but I finished strong and am glad I showed up. Now to keep that energy all day so I can study more! #spinbassador #thecyclefiteffect #cyclefitfrederick #DowntownFrederick #fitnessmotivation #wakeupandbeawesome #fitnessmotivation #notamorningperson

Christian R Long ॐ ॐ ॐ (@christianrlong)

What do you wish for?

Heather Laskos (@hlaskos)

I have a movie quote that I love, "Parenting is awful, awful, awful...and then something wonderful happens!" That also applied to my jog this morning. I spent the first half thinking, "jogging in the dark is awful, awful, awful" and then something wonderful happened. Light met dark and a fiery hot pink took over the horizon and I just couldn't look away.
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Elizabeth Teele-Fuller (@live_each_moment)

☕️ BUTTER IN MY COFFEE?! Saaaay what?!! 😱

Most of us believe the big fat lie that fat is the enemy. 🙅🏼 ✅ The truth is, you are only as healthy as your cells and every one of your 100 trillion cells are surrounded by a double layer of healthy fats, which is called a bilipid cellular membrane. This membrane controls what nutrients get into your cells and what waste can pass out to be removed. You need a lot of healthy fat in your diet to constantly rebuild these membranes. Fats are also essential to make hormones, which help control almost all aspects of your health. The solid portion of your brain is made of (you guessed it!) mostly fat! 😍 ✅ Fat in your diet is absolutely essential to staying strong and healthy. In fact, essential fatty acids, such as the omega-3 type, must be in the diet because the body cannot make them. That should give you enough reasons why there is butter in your coffee—and it’s not just any butter! The butter in It Works! Keto Coffee™️ is Grass-Fed Butter, that means it is made from cows who have been nourished with green grasses because they make butter with higher amounts of omega-3 essential fatty acids. ✅ Another reason to have this Grass-Fed Butter in It Works! Keto Coffee is that this high-quality fat content helps to fill you up, kill cravings and powerfully satisfies hunger. But, perhaps the most important benefit of Grass-Fed Butter is it contains unique fatty acids that are metabolized more efficiently, converting fat into fuel by increasing your body’s ketone production and the process of ketosis.😍😍 ✅ Drinking It Works! Keto Coffee for breakfast extends the process of ketosis, which your body was in while fasting during sleep. This is because the healthy fat is easily converted to ketones which are used as fuel while you are in fat- burning, ketosis mode! ✅ You can have energy, strength, clearer more focused thinking and be healthier when you supply your body with adequate, good fat! 🎉 Today I had ☕️Keto Coffee + Pumpkin Spice + Cinnamon = SOOOOOO GOOD!!!✌🏻