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Radhanath Sikdar, a mathematician and mathematician from Bengal, was the first person to declare the summit of Everest as the highest peak through trigonometric calculations in 1852. This calculation was performed using theodolite from a distance of 150 miles away in India. Some Indians believe that the peak should be named after Sikdar, not Everest.

This mountain has a height of about 8,850 m; although there are variations in size (both the Nepalese and Chinese governments have not legally authorized this measure, the height of Everest Peak is still considered 8,848 m by them). Mount Everest was first measured in 1856 with a height of 8,839 m, but expressed as 8,840 m (29,002 ft). An additional 0.6 m (2 feet) indicates that at that time a precise height of 29,000 feet would be regarded as a rounded estimate. The general estimates used today are 8,850 m obtained through Global Positioning System (GPS) reading. Mount Himalaya is still growing higher due to the movement of tectonic plates of the region.

Mount Everest is a mountain that peaks the farthest distance from the sea. Two other volcanoes sometimes referred to as "the highest mountains in the world" are the Mauna Loa in Hawaii, the highest if measured from its base on the middle of the sea, but only reaches 4,170 m above sea level and Chimborazo Mountain in Ecuador, whose peak is 2,150 m higher than the center of the earth compared to Mount Everest, because the Earth is inflated at the equator. However, Chimborazo only reached a height of 6,272 m above sea level, so it is not even the highest peak in the Andes.

The deepest bottom of the ocean is deeper than Everest's height: The Deep Challenger, located in the Mariana Trench, is so deep that if the Himalayas were laid in it, there is still nearly 1.6 km of water covering it.

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