Minnie Hodgins (@minniethecutecavapoo)

Water bomb trouble it was so fun I was chasing all the water balloons
#waterbomb #waterfun #summerfun #cutedog

💣WATERBOMB💦 (@waterbomb_official)

한 여름, 시원한 물을 맞으며 이 보다 더 신나게 놀수 있다! 하는 @친구를 태그해보자😎
#워터밤 #WATERBOMB #Festival #Water_Dance
✔️워터밤 2018 블라인드 티켓 구매: Link in bio

Ivana Jiroutová (@ivankajiroutova)

Ze #lush naprosto miluju, to už ví snad úplně každý ❤️❤️ doma už mám skoro všechno jen od této úžasné voňavé značky ❤️...kdo jste ještě neměl tu čest, račte se seznámit s koupelovou bombou 👍 nejen, že tahle věcička udělá naprosto paradni barevnou show, ale také promění vaši v koupelnu v květinový ráj 🏵️🌸🌼 #koupelovabomba #musissitoudelathezky #bestcosmetics #waterbomb #timeforme #pinkwater#crueltyfreecosmetics @lushcr

Alicia Prosser (@aliciaprosser)

When your mum is super competitive and the water bombs come out you better run 🏃‍♀️ #waterbomb #holidayfun #smashed #competitivemuch #crazykids #swimwear #summer #schoolholidays #beautifulbrisbane #fitness #randomfact - hot water freezes quicker than cold 🤷‍♀️💦❄️

Splashwaterparkbali (@splashwaterparkbali)

Come and try out:⠀⠀
- Giant Racer – Providing hours of fun this 5 story high and 90 metres long slide can have up to four friends racing at the same time.⠀⠀
- Speed Racer – designed so the younger kids won’t miss out on the fun. This speed slide is a smaller version yet still won’t disappoint.⠀⠀
-Other slides include the Super Bowl and Big Red plus there’s a Crazy Creek for when you need time out.⠀⠀
Splash Playground is an area dedicated to the little ones complete with a lagoon pool.⠀⠀

Splashwaterparkbali (@splashwaterparkbali)

Come to @splashwaterparkbali and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere. At Splash you are able to watch the kids from the comfort of the sun lounges near the bar. Just relax with a cool drink in the hand while the kids having the best time!⠀