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This is so great for part of a morning routine. Every time you take a shower, visualize washing away your stress and anxiety. Concentrate on the feel of the water on your skin. Envision the power of the water washing away your negative thoughts. Feel sadness, regret, anger, and depression washing right off you. Let it all go down the drain. Feel lightness in your body. Enjoy the clarity of your mind. Your soul is free of all that does not serve the highest good. You are ready for a new beginning☀️🌈💦 and to drop a fewww drops of Young Living Rosemary Oil will increase this notion, and open your mind even more❤️
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- 【Exercise by or in water is good for our bodies and brains】- Exercise in any setting can improve our physical and mental health on a number of different levels, and can be an excellent way of reducing stress. But you may get even more benefit from your exercise by ditching the gym and taking a jog by the ocean or a swim in the lake instead.
........Being outside near water while you're exercising will potentially give you more of a mental boost than exercising in a crowded, hectic gym environment with TVs in front of you and people all around. Many people feel intuitively that being in the presence water provides tangible benefits for their well-being, and as Nichols explains, their instincts are right.
"It's almost too obvious, and it gets overlooked," says Nichols. "But the health and neurological benefits of exercise by water are very real."
Take a read on this amazing article of water! .

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Recap of my day....officially made it to the ocean! I, instantly feel calm.
Today I am grateful for:
1. The ocean
2. Fresh fruit and veggie stands
3. Giant trees and fun wooden carvings
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Took a detour to North Carolina to see my dad. He took us to the town of Highlands, where we got to see this amazing waterfall!
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Water therapy update. Swipe left to see the before. I was looking back at old posts and I believe I said I was going to plant this in the ground after removing the bottom leaves but then decided to let it sit in water longer. It’s really starting to shape up and look like a real succulent. In a previous update I said the middle part was firming up but now it’s really starting to take form. Don’t throw out your dead plant cuttings. If there is a little bit of Life left in the stem just stick it in water. It just may surprise you.💚#succulentobsession #succulentaddict #succulents #watertherapy #plantsofinstagram #succulentsofinstagram #succulove #succulentjunkie #succulenthoarder #gardening

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8. Exercise in the water

Exercising in a pool reduces the downward stress of gravity as the buoyancy of water helps to support your spine, thus reducing the risk of injury or pain during certain exercises. In addition, the viscosity of water provides gentle resistance by means of friction.

Water therapy programs are usually taught in warm water, and many people find the warmth soothing on their joints.

A swim also makes you feel great!

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