Marcos BASE Pires (@baselanho)

Vir de trás do pico nessa laje deveria ser considerado tentativa de suicídio...
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Ahlia Hoffman (@tandemsurf_yogini)

Last night in Bali. Enjoyed a gorgeous sunset after a full day of rain ☔️ I made the decision to leave Ubud and Bali Spirit Fest 1-day early & miss Xavier Rudd play a concert tonight. Normally I'd YOLO all over it, esp because I love Xavier's music, but when I checked in with myself it was clear to me that the most loving thing to do would be to spend my last night closer to the airport, rather than risk a potential traffic nightmare during tomorrow's ceremonies & Nyepi preparations. Additionally, I turn into a pumpkin 🎃 around 10pm (even earlier than that, lately)... & I didn't want to be exhausted for my big travel day. At first, when I arrived to Kuta, I wondered if I made the right decision. Especially because one of the reasons I came to Kuta rather than Semenyak or Sanur was because the original hotel I stayed at the first 2 nights of my trip said that they had 2 pairs of shoes I left behind. But when I arrived to pick up my shoes, they were not the right ones (not mine). Another practice of non-attachment, as I hope my shoes wind up with someone who has tiny feet and who needs them more than I did. Adding to my short pity party was getting more mosquito bites in an hour at my hotel here than I have the other 28 days I spent in Bali & the rain that went all day. But at 5pm when it stopped pouring I went out for a stroll, enjoyed sand beneath my feet, sounds of ocean waves, and a spectacular sunset & I snapped out of it completely. I feel so fortunate to be completely comfortable traveling alone, and also more than capable of traveling in groups Mrs @cbattleax & I spent the last week sharing a room as well as a bed. Prior to that I shared with @linzydavidson in Uluwatu with Caroline on a mattress brought in so we wouldn't have to be 3 in a bed. I so enjoyed this past month traveling with those two amazing ladies, & am so grateful for all the memories we made. As I get ready for bed on my last night in Bali I'm also grateful to be blessed with both a sense of adventure, independence, and comfort on my own. Bali - I lost some things while I was here, but I gained a lot more in experience, treasured new friendships, & adventure. Terimah kasih -thank you!! 🌴

Christopher Tyler 📷 (@ctsphotographs)

What a way to start the day

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Still here at South Piha beach. I was recently doing a live stream and a viewer, knowing that I go barefoot everywhere asked me if I owned a pair of shoes. I do in fact own 2 pairs of shoes. One a dress pair for special events and one for situations I don't know. Yes going barefoot everywhere all the time in nature is better for your bare feet but sometimes we need to factor in the safety issue. This video is a perfect example. Was on a photo shoot and wanted to get up on the rock here bring barefoot to get the shot. I could have managed fine barefoot on the sharp rock as the soles of my bare feet are pretty tough. However I was more interested in getting the camera set for the perfect shot so wasn't aware where my feet were. So concentrating on the shot I put shoes on. Safety first! As you can see consequences would have been disastrous had I been barefoot and slipped. Safety first! #photo #video #wave #waves #photoshoot #photooftheday #nature #geology #geologyrocks #photography #barefoot #safety

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Life is like a boat in the sea. When the sea is rough the only way to keep your boat moving forward is to keep rowing.
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