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Since this coming weekend got an event
So i start my rountine with body weight only since i got back injuries and busy with training and everybody already started a long time for a swimming pool hang out .shit i dont want to miss that time hihihihi
night post work out
You guys can try this
-squat 20 reps × 4 set
-static lunges 20 reps × 4 set
-kick back 15 reps × 4 set
-tricep dips 20 reps × 4 set
- bicep hammer curl 20 reps × 4 set
- leg pull in 30 reps × 4 set
- mountain climber 30 reps × 4 set
-High knee 15 reps × 4 set
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You can try this
Use your own weight
Just a quick leg day today
Squat with Olympic bar
First set bar only × 25 reps
Second set - 10kg+10kg plate × 15reps
Third's set - 15kg+15kg plates ×15reps
Fourth's- 20kg+25kg plate × 12 reps
Fifth's - 25kg+25kg × 6 reps
Leg press × 4 set 15 reps 70/80/90/100
Leg curl × 4 set 15 reps 30/35/40/45
Abduction & Adduction machine × 4 set *i dont remember the weight just now 😂
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Okay!!! I think im going to take care of my fat percentage again!!! Gonna start to work out and eat properly 💪 again

Nok Pan's Official (@apirak_nokpan)

Since i already left my yoga rountine for almost two years💔... now i started again tonight yeayyy 🙆🙆🙆🙆 that is why i talked about yoga mat's colour on my Facebook yesterday😊... so i started with a basic rountine...and this is one of it 😌
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Add me on snap fam! It's amy_hickling
Ill be posting healthy meals that are to ugly for instagram 😂

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Omgoodness this sweet baby girl! Love me a smiling senior face! 😘 please share! #Repost @northcentralshelter with @repostapp
LOBITA #A0877192
LOVELY Lobita is a spayed female, 13 yrs old, 45 Lbs., Shepherd mix. Her story is a sad one, as she came in to the shelter as an Owner surrender on November 19, 2016 when her owner fell ill and could no longer properly care for her and her canine brother, Lobito (who was also surrendered but sadly is no longer with us due to medical reasons). This SENSITIVE girl was understandably scared and confused finding herself at the shelter and would quiver in her kennel. With repeated visits from volunteers, we were able to coax her out to give her some much needed affection. In such a short time, she’s turned into a much more CONFIDENT lady. She now enjoys treats (which she takes ever so GENTLY), getting her chin scratched, and running around the yard (she’s quite spry and appears to be a HEALTHY senior). Lobita has also participated in playgroup at the shelter with calm & polite med/large dogs and may do well with another respectful dog given proper introductions. She’s house-trained and walks wonderfully on a leash--she’s just a CALM presence to be around! All of these attributes would make her a SUPER COMPANION for someone! We want to see Lobita back in a loving home that can care for her through her golden years. Please share for her or come meet her today!! 💜
All North Central animals come spayed/neutered, microchipped, and current on all their shots (including rabies). North Central LA City shelter; Lacy St., Los Angeles, CA; 213-485-5767.
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