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Village Monde is proud to offer a free trip to @realdonaldtrump to discover a #paradisehole!

A week of serenity in a small corner of paradise located in the village of Ndioungue Mberess in #Senegal.

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This time two years ago (19-01-2016) I am officially became a fan to One Ok Rock. Thanks Okamoto Masafumi (then Jr. EXILE from Project Taro's member)'s Heartache's cover brought me to check the PV. Especially my friend from a writing forum been talking a lot about One Ok Rock and Taka. Immediately falling in love with Taka's voice so I kept repeating that song. Because for me good singer need to sing good in ballad and he did it. Best. Eventually I checked Mighty Long Fall in Yokohama Stadium's live cuts on Youtube. And listening to Living Doll made me fall in love more. Then there's Wherever You Are with ToruKa lmao. I searched of ToruKa and found more reason to know more. Then I listened to more PV. Be The Light caught my heart but what made me fall in love more are these songs: Adult Suit and Liar. Ended up repeating that songs all days, all weeks, and eventually a month had passed. Liar especially had more meaning for me. I might have no chance to see them live because currently I am not in the right time and in the right situation, plus a fear still need to be overcame, despite I said I'll go to Singapore. But well, I will have my chance at the best time (likewise with Exile Tribe's concerts 😝). I am glad I know OOR. Because with them and the fandom itself I became more and more honest and being myself—also has a long list of block. I always hold my emotions and still do, but I showed it well with OOR. I met amazing people. For the first time I ship very seriously that it decides my mood. I started writing and learning how to write a novel because of OOR too. One Ok Rock is amazing despite I need to confess that I remember none of Ambitions' songs lyrics. 😂 Stay awesome One Ok Rock, and thank you for everything 😆

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#Repost from @airbnb Things you should know about Morocco: it’s in 'Africa.' And, contrary to some recently stated opinions, it’s really beautiful. But let’s get more specific: Morocco’s colors and textures and aesthetic will inspire you for a lifetime. The music? Mesmerizing. It’s also home to the most hospitable hosts, all of whom are so proud to share their culture with you. We highly suggest you take them up on their offer. #weaccept
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