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Thank you Red Deer Women's Show!! What a phenomenal turn out today! I heard a lot of really positive feedback about this show and am so thankful to have been apart of it!! I had so many amazing opportunities to network and connect with a lot of women both personally and professionally.
It's important to when you are looking to create something for yourself and other to connect with like minded people. You want to surround yourself with those who understand and can relate to what your doing. This is an important piece of the puzzle of creating change.

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The Awakening Your Inner Champion webinar is finally here. It will begin on May 9th, with an hour long webinar once a week, now for 6 weeks. However, it is more than just an hour a week of growth, inspiration, and change. Each week will give you something new think about, something to change, something to embrace, and not to mention new guided meditations.
Each week will go over something different, such as your childhood, sleep, goal setting, relationships, and many more. You can see the week to week here, but for more check out the link in the bio, and to reserve you spot. Hurry, the last webinar sold out!

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Welches Leben würdest du gerne leben? Happy Sunday 😘

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Set a goal that makes you JUMP out of each bed. Click the link in my bio @mrskimberleyward & I will help you reach those goals!

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People see the value in investing in their businesses and realize they are ready to grow. It's time to discuss the blueprint of using systems to run, grow, and automate your business!
This webinar will cover:⠀⠀
* Discuss what systems are and how they can work for you in your business⠀
* Determine the right types of systems your business needs to be successful (regardless of your niche)
* Create a mini-systems strategy for your business⠀
* The importance of automation in your business⠀⠀
As a bonus there will be: ⠀⠀
* A Live Q/A & Mini-Tech Demonstration⠀⠀
* A replay of the webinar⠀⠀
Don't miss out on this content! Webinar is Tuesday May 9th, 2017 at 7PM EST / 4PM PST. Click the link in my bio to register!
Tag someone to attend with you who's also an entrepreneur or business owner!

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Wheels up! 🛫 And we're off to LA for @weddingwire world! Who's coming?

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@elevatoreric in his element today as we work 1-on-1 with a client building out a 7-figure business. We decided to film the process so we can share this gold with others.

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Você vive se perguntando o que os outros vão pensar de você e do que você está fazendo?
A opinião dos outros importa tanto que influencia nas suas decisões mais importantes?
Então você precisa assistir a esse vídeo. Link na bio. 💪

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If you are local to me in West Yorkshire, look at the events I am running. Contact me for further details or visit my FB page: ParentingSuccess - Yorkshire. .
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Parenting struggles are real but going it alone does not have to be an option. I offer workshops, webinars, master classes & 1 2 1 support for parents. Here to help. .
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Bye bye mommy guilt solution !
A busy working mom who wakes up at 4:30 am, and doesn't get home until 10:00 PM Monday through Friday. 
She leaves the house with 4 kids at 6:45 am and drives 45 minutes to get to work.  She pumps few times during the day ( her one year old baby is still breastfeeding). She works with children with special needs at work and has meetings all day at least one day a week. Two of her kids have baseball so on a daily basis she's at the field. She doesn't have time to cook or eat healthy
She forgets what she has to do all the time
She has brain fog-confused and lost.
She has eczema
She has excessive weight
She can't get through the day without running to the vending machine for soda and chocolate. She loves chocolate.
Then she transformed all that in 7 days. She felt so good after the 7 days were over that she couldn't stop.
She lost 5 lbs in 7 days 
She doesn't have  brain fog- She thought she was getting dumb when she couldn't find the right word during a meeting
Her eczema started to itch less- it's even less red
She remembers what she has to do during the day
She can get through the day without sugar, sugar and some more sugar 
She feels good about herself
She doesn't have mommy guilt

Wanna know how she did all that? Join me tomorrow ( April 30) at 10:00 AM PST to listen to her story.
If you snooze on the registration, you lose on the replay.
Register using the link In my profile 👆🏻👆🏻👆🏻 #weightloss #weightlosstransformation #weightlossjourney #healthyeating #healthyfood #healthyrecipes #healthyfamily #cleaneating #cleaneatingrecipes #onlineprogram #bzhealthymama #thebzhealthymamalifestylemaleover #takeaction #webinar #recipes #moreenergy #nocravings #healthandwellness #healthandbeauty #prevention #preventioniskey

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We are constantly moving and living our lives. Things slip through the cracks and get left behind. Great ideas get forgotten and lost, months later you think back and wish you would have started that great idea back then. And after thinking about it you fall back into the daily 9 to 5. ⠀

Stop doing that. ⠀

We're here to keep you grounded and moving forward. That workshop you want to start. That video you want to film. That business you want to launch. Let's work on it together. Send us an email geekmomsco@gmail.com

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YOU'RE INVITED! TOMORROW at 2:00 pm EST I have the pleasure of joining MASTER ASTROLOGER @coachkhayr on a webinar teaching how the astrology of Spring can be used to bring positive transformation to our lives. Want in? Click the link in my bio now and sign up. It's FREE and life-changing! ❤️💥♉️♍️ See you there!
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