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Hmm...🤔 🕸️Here in #Charleston #SouthCarolina we are focused on DESTROYING this small & weak #WEBofEVIL🕸️

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Web of Evil no.5, July 1953 Quality Comics (indicia says Comic Magazine). Cover art by Jack Cole, of Plastic Man fame. Web of Evil had very bold and unique color schemes for their covers; with this one being the most bold of the run. The man strapped in the electric chair has a maniacal and twisted laugh as the switch is thrown. The tension in his hands and neck, the rolled up sleeve, the textures of his shirt folds and chair's wood grain seem so real, contrasted with his surreal face. The featured story title, "The Man Who Died Twice" by Jack Cole is a stunning tale. An innocent man is electrocuted for the murder of his friend and business partner, except that he was knocked unconscious in an obvious framing. Now a sinister man absconds with his body from the morgue and reanimates him to do his bidding: kill the judge, Doctor and executioner. "Laughter from Hell" by Charles Nicholas. "They framed John Grome to the madhouse -- doomed him to a living hell in a chamber of horrors." Nicolas illustrates another riveting tale of deceit and betrayal. To John Grome, the real chamber of horrors might be life on the outside with unfaithful friends trying to "gaslight" him to get to his money. "The Vengeful Curse" gives us a double shot of Jack Cole. "It was a house of unspeakable evil built on the site of an inhuman crime." A third tale of infidelity has Elsa betray her fiancé and help her lover murder him to steal Montezuma's Treasure. Andrew, the murderer, soon finds out that the beautiful Elsa is as cold and calculating to him as she was to her former fiancé. "The Corpse That Wouldn't Hide" by an unknown but quite talented artist and colorist. "I'll never let you leave me," Ann Mains told her husband who hated her. Walter married Ann for her fabulous fortune and she knows it. She's bound to make him suffer for every penny. Ann has a penchant for falling asleep in bed while smoking. Walter figures to use that history as a cover for murder. The odd thing is that now that she's dead, none of her bedsheets or drapes will catch fire. Desperate to do something Walter scrambles to hide his murder, all while Ann's corpse makes good on her mortal threat.

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Picked up all 3 hardcover vols of Web of Evil last night, a steal at $12 each! #webofevil #psartbooks #precodehorror

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Finally got this one by @skelism framed and hung. Can't wait to see it glow in the dark tonight! #webofevil #truelove #bitterkisses #icanthelpthewayiam #storyofmylife

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Tagged by @comicbookcrusader for #silveragegalore just got this one in. Web of Evil 5. Classic electrocution cover by Jack Cole. #comicbookcollection #comicbookcollecton #comicbooks #comics #cgc #webofevil #qualitycomics #jackcole