Ali Kresslein (@alikresslein)

One of the hardest secrets that I've ever had to keep is finally out! My best friend is E路N路G路A路G路E路D!!! 馃懓馃拲馃懐 #wecomeasapackage #timetocelebrate

Natalie (@natalieevictoriaa)

Popping this mentality into my 2017 and beyond #fantasticbeasts #JKRowlingwisdom

Maria (@marialynne805)

Going into the New Year with the knowledge that I will always have my Sister for that shoulder to cry on, and my beautiful Cassie girl to brighten up my world whenever I see her smile or hear that adorable laugh. #ActualSquadGoals #WeComeAsAPackage #TheyreGrowingUpTooFast

Jasmin Humphrey (@jasminhumphrey)

So not only did my Kevin spoil me yesterday, he spoilt Billy too 鉂わ笍 #kingcharles #wecomeasapackage

KayRab (@beingkendraab)

The love hate love relationship that we have I wouldn't trade it for the world .. to have a friend that is consistently there for you no matter how bad you get on his nerves is priceless .. Happy Birthday to My best friend who always tells it like it is, has probably ruined my liver, but also had encouraged me to always take chances and go where the opportunity leads me ... @stanman_13 this weekend will be live , love your forever girlfriend #2 馃槀馃槀 #imforeverbae #imtryingtomarryhimofftho #hegoestothehighestbidder but #wecomeasapackage 馃槀馃槀馃槀#weweredefinitelygoneinthispic

Hannah 馃崒 (@hannah.ashley)

Three guesses as to which southern bell 馃敂 in this photo asked the server, "What do y'all have other than sushi?" 馃嵄馃崳 #wecomeasapackage

Nicole Sala (@nicolesala22)

I think these drinks were strong. #thisbunch #wecomeasapackage

Claire McCormack (@claireymcc)

Pretty much how we spent our entire time in Hive (mind the messy Kersland kitchen) #wecomeasapackage #reunion