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Bride & bubbles (the non alcoholic kind)

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Went to a worship leadership class today with my husband. It was incredibly insightful. Even though I am not a worship leader, it really benefited me as far as a business owner goes. He said you can be headed in 1 of 4 directions. 1:High character/low competency 2: low character/ low competency 3: low character/ high competency or 4: (the goal) high character/high competency. He made some great points, that sometimes we start out pursuing character and forget competency or the other where we pursued competency but forget the importance of character. We start coasting in one direction or the other and he said you can ONLY coast downhill and that really stuck with me. Sometimes I'm pursuing excellence sooo much I forget to grow and learn in character. Different seasons yield different things obviously. All that to say, here are some things to dwell on for your week. We should all be pursuing both high character and high competency for the greatest ability to be incredibly effective in whatever position we may be in.

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The wait is finally over - our big day is here! 🎉  We can't wait to see everyone today from 12pm - 3pm at our #WeddingShowcase 💙👰 #theavalononthebeach